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Assemblage of macrozoobenthos in Ganjal River- A tributary of River Narmada in the central zone, India

Author Information:

Reetu Sharma1, Ankit Kumar1 and Vipin Vyas2

1- Department of Environmental Sciences and Limnology, Barkatullah University, Bhopal- 462 026, India
2- Department of Bioscience, Barkatullah University, Bhopal- 462 026, India


Present study was aimed to measure diversity of macrozoobenthos in Ganjal River which is a tributary of River Narmada joins the river from left bank in the central zone. After two years of investigation 51 taxa of macrozoobenthos were recorded from the identified sampling stations. Phylum arthropoda was found in dominant condition than mollusca and annelida due to presence of heterogeneous substrate and vegetation at stations. In statistical procedure Shannon diversity index, Margalef diversity index and Pielou evenness index were calculated. In this study, range of Shannon diversity index varies from 2.92 to 3.17 shows stable and balanced habitat structure with good diversity pattern, whereas Margalef diversity index varies from 5.61 to 7.57 reflects the suitability of habitat for the organism in one hand while on the other the high species diversity has been reported to be correlated with longer food chain and complex food web of the ecosystems and also more stable community, while Pielou evenness index ranged between 0.83 and 0.91 denotes a balanced relation between species and individual richness as well as expresses the absolute distribution of relative abundance of species at sampling stations of the study area. In the functional feeding composition predators occupied dominant position than others attributed to the presence of fine sediment and gentle flow.

Keywords: Macrozoobenthos, Functional Feeding Groups, Tributary, Ganjal River, Narmada River


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