International Journal of Environmental Sciences

Volume 6 Issue 6 2016- May 2016 Pages: 1113 - 1116 <<Previous    Next>>

Cypermethrin induced DNA damage in Labio Rohita assessed by comet assay

Author Information:

Mohini Gadhia1, Rakesh Prajapati2 and Pankaj Gadhia3
1- Department of Aquatic Biology, Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Saurat.

2- Department of Zoology, H & HB Kotak Institute of Science, Rajkot

3- S. N. Gene Laboratory and Research Centre, President Plaza-A Ring Road, Surat.


Toxicants exposure on fish may induce genetic alterations that can be used as genotoxic markers. We evaluated DNA damage using a Single Cell Gel Electrophoresis assay (SCGE), applied on erythrocytes after exposure of Labeo rohita to sub-lethal (0.03 ppm), lethal (0.06 ppm) and acute lethal (0.10 ppm) concentrations of Cypermethrin.  Results revealed a significant level of DNA damages at all concentrations tested. Damage index of comet assay in L. rohita’s erythrocytes showed significant differences between sublethal, lethal and acute lethal exposures.

Keywords: Comet assay, Labeo rohita, DNA damage, Cypermethrin. Erythrocytes


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