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Volume 7 Issue 1 2016- July 2016 Pages: 30 - 39                                 Next>>

Decolourisation of Reactive Violet 13 and Reactive Blue 171 by Bacillus cereus RJVL 2514 isolated from dye contaminated soils

Author Information:

Vijaya Lakshmi Gangavarapu and Jaya Madhuri Ravuri

Department of Applied Microbiology, Sri Padmavathi Mahila Visvavidhyalayam, Tirupati AP, India.


A bacterial strain with ability to decolourise textile azo dyes, Reactive violet and Reactive Blue was isolated from dye contaminated soil of Vetapalem, Chirala, Andhra Pradesh (India). The decolourisation studies were performed in Mineral salt medium (MSM) and Luria Bertani (LB) medium amended with 100 ppm of selected dyes. The bacterial strain was identified as Bacillus cereus RJVL 2514 on the basis of 16s rRNA sequencing. The bacterial strain exhibited efficient decolourisation ability with glucose and yeast extract supplementation in static conditions.  The percentage of decolourisation recorded was 80-98% in LB medium where as 70-89% in MSM medium. The high decolourising activity under natural environmental conditions indicates that the bacterial strain has potential for practical application in the treatment of dying industry effluents.   

Keywords: Azo dyes, decolourisation, effluents, rRNA sequencing, yeast extract.


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