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Monitoring of Arsenic contents in water bodies of Bundelkhand region (India)

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Surabhi Yadav, Avinash Gaur, Anjuri Srivastava, Shivangi Yadav
Department of Chemistry, Bipin Bihari College Jhansi U.P. India


Presence of excess Arsenic is a prevailing worldwide problem now a day. Consumption of arsenic rich water over a long period results in various ill health effects such as skin problems cancer of bladder, kidney and lungs. The natural concentration of arsenic in water is 0.01 mg/lit which may be diverse to arsenic rich rocks. Problems of arsenic concentration increase in areas where extraction of ground water has been rampart & there is no provision of recharge. Besides geogenic and excessive use of chemicals, the delayed health effects of arsenicosis and low level of awareness in India are also responsible for the problem of arsenicosis. In the present work we tested 40 different water sources for quantification of arsenic so we can detect threshold value timely. Twenty four samples of drinking water assessed by us were evaluated safe, with the range below acceptable limit. Among 16 effluent water sample obtained from various industries such as dyes, pesticides and house hold waste, thirteen samples were detected with the arsenic content below detectable limit (less than 0.01 ppm). But the effluent water from Parichha Thermal Power plant, fly ash water and nearby village water contained the arsenic concentration 0.03 ppm, 0.047 ppm and 0.01 ppm respectively. So there is an essential need to be aware and a continuous monitoring of Parichha Thermal Power Plant effluent water. This study demonstrates that flyash contains arsenic and is a potential source of arsenic and might be release to the environment. This study demonstrates that flyash is a potential source of arsenic, however it is still remain unclear the probable discharge of it into the environment.

Keywords: Flyash, Water quality, Arsenicosis, Arsenic concentration.


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