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Impact of coastal industrial projects on shoreline evolution: Case study at Port Said, Egypt

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Ehab. R. Tolba - Department of civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Port Said University, Port Said, Egypt


At the northeastern coast of Egypt, precisely 12 km to the west of Port Said city, it is intended to construct a new natural gas treatment plant. Because of the available area is limited, it was decided to establish the flare stacks inside the sea. The flare stacks and the pipe racks will be connected to the plant through two causeways, which penetrate the surf zone with an approximate length of 110 m seaward of the recent shoreline. This study aims to predict the impacts of the two causeways on the shoreline evolution at this coastal area. Coastal stretch studied was, due to the sensibility of the existence of other factories nearby the new plant, the existence of new established protective groins to the east of the causeways and the narrow width of the sandy beach that separates the new plant fence from the sea.

This paper describes the application of one-line shoreline evolution model (LITPACK) to the projection of shoreline evolution scenarios between 2016 and 2030. Considering the numerical model results, maps of the shoreline position were represented. The results allowed the analysis of the predicted shoreline headway/ retreat and the areas of lost / acquired territory. A strong trend of shoreline recession was noticed to the east of both causeways and as a result mitigation measures are mandatory for shoreline stability.

Keywords: Health, Water Consumers, Water quality, water tanker


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