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Assessment of groundwater vulnerability zones using GIS-based DRASTIC Model: A case of Makutupora Basin, Dodoma - Tanzania

Author Information:

Mary J. Kisaka1, Meserecordias W. Lema2

  1. Assistant Lecturer, College of Earth Sciences, University of Dodoma, P.O Box 259, Dodoma, Tanzania
  2. Lecturer, College of Earth Sciences, University of Dodoma, P.O Box 259, Dodoma, Tanzania


This study was conducted in the Makutupora basin to evaluate the vulnerability of groundwater to contamination using DRASTIC method in a GIS (Geographical Information System) environment. ILWIS 3.0 (Integrated Land and Water Information System) and Arc view 3.2a GIS software were also used to find water vulnerable zones in the aquifers. Estimation of DRASTIC Index involves multiplying each parameter weight by its rating corresponding to its study area and summing the total. A groundwater pollution potential map was prepared and the DRASTIC Index (DI) of the area was calculated. The values for the DRASTIC index were classified into five classes: extremely low, low, moderate, high and extremely high. From this study, it was found that about 30 % of the study area is occupied by high to extreme vulnerability, 20 % is occupied by moderate vulnerability and 50 % is occupied by the low to extremely low vulnerability. Areas with high to extreme vulnerability were due to fractures associated with aquifer, high recharge potential, shallow water table as well as agriculture activities. The vulnerability map produced could be useful for planners and decision makers for initiating groundwater quality development in their specific areas.

Keywords: DRASTIC, GIS, vulnerability, groundwater, aquifer.


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