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Volume 7 Issue 2 2016- September 2016  Pages: 201- 211                            Next>>

Use of earth observation data for disaster mitigation planning in an Inner Terai watershed of central Nepal

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Dinesh Pathak - Central Department of Geology, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal


The problem of mass wasting, landslide and soil erosion is common in hills and mountain areas while the plain area is affected by flood and sedimentation problem. In addition to this, the failure of timely formulation and implementation of land use regulation as well as increased human intervention have further deteriorated the watershed. The problem can be addressed by preparation of integrated watershed management plan and its effective implementation. It is always desirable to have well managed watersheds including conservation of downstream areas. This is required to minimize degradation in the watersheds for reducing sediment deposition as well as flashfloods in downstream areas The earth observation data can be used to access the geological disaster, prepare management plan thereby implement it through participatory integrated watershed management. Watershed management is necessary to have an environmentally sustainable watershed through watershed rehabilitation and disaster reduction activities. The present study identifies issues/problems/threats and underlying causes behind degradation of the Riu watershed. Landslide susceptibility map of the watershed and flood hazard map of the Riu River shows the areas vulnerable to landslide and flood, which is a vital tool for watershed management through appropriate planning to reduce the disaster risk in the watershed.

Keywords: Earth observation data, disaster mitigation, Riu watershed, Inner Terai, Nepal


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