International Journal of Environmental Sciences

Volume 7 Issue 2 2016- November 2016 Pages: 245- 255         Next >>                    

Genomic DNA changes in Ulva lactuca (Chlorophyta) under heavy metal stress

Author Information:

Basel Saleh - Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Atomic  Energy Commission of Syria, P.O. Box 6091, Damascus, Syria


Genetic variations in DNA pattern in the green Ulva lactuca algae exposed to heavy metals (Cu, Pb, Cd and Zn) was investigated using random amplified microsatellite polymorphism (RAMP) marker. Nineteen out twenty-six RAMP primer combinations were tested for detecting DNA alteration profiles in algae after 5 days exposure. The RAMP marker system gave 118 loci, of which 50 (42.373%) were polymorphic with polymorphic information content (PIC) average of 0.145. Our findings showed that Cd treatment exhibited the highest number of disappeared bands (25) reflecting the highest DNA damages. On the other hand, Zn treatment has the highest number of gains bands (25). Based on our data, RAMP marker could be considered as a useful tool to detect algal DNA changes profile induced by heavy metal stress.

Keywords: Ulva lactuca, RAMP marker, DNA changes, heavy metals


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