International Journal of Environmental Sciences

Volume 7 Issue 2 2016- November 2016 Pages: 256- 263          Next >>                    

Species invasion and the alternation of biodiversity during man-induced changes in Land use and Cover

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Csaba Sarosi


Species invasion and the alternation of biodiversity was examined at an archaeological assessment site. The man-induced changes in land use and cover changed the original meadow into a sandy heathland and induced species invasion. New species of insects and birds did appear but only the red-banded sand wasp (Ammophila sabulosa) was found to use the area as permanent habitat. The new ecosystem supported two generalist plant species, which were able to survive the removal of the soil and three new, mainly specialist bird species that were able to use the sandy heathland. Overall, a considerable decrease in biodiversity, mainly in species richness, was observed.

Keywords: biodiversity, land use and cover, species invasion, man-induced changes, archaeological assessment.


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