International Journal of Environmental Sciences

Volume 7 Issue 2 2016- November 2016 Pages: 264- 269          Next >>                    

Removal of oil from drinking water case study of Babol city

Author Information:

Bahareh Shahidpour Fallah - Environmental Engineering, Mazandaran University, Babolsar, Mazandaran Province, Iran


Urban sprawl causes an incessant increase in the need for fresh water.  Moreover, developing cities contribute to water source pollution. Environmental Engineers are in rigorous search for ways to refine different sources of water. In Babol, a city in northern Iran, turbidity of water has increased in recent years due to oil leaks into the water resources. Oil contaminants are a group of hydrocarbons with mineral elements. In this research, methods and their advantages and disadvantages for the removal of oil from water and decreasing the turbidity of water are discussed. Adsorption by activated carbon is inspected in particular which is used for the treatment of underground and surface water. Five water samples from wells around Babol were tested. We found that oil based contaminants were present everywhere, as local industries routinely pump their untreated wastewater into water sources. The type of oil which is encountered is from the emulsified group. An adsorption column with a layer of granular activated carbon on a layer of silica is generally used for removing oil contaminant from water samples. Our inspection in the city of Babol found that utilization of activated carbon as an adsorbent is the most appropriate treatment approach for filtering grease and oil contaminants

Keywords: Environmental Engineering, adsorption column, activated carbon, adsorption, sand, anthracite.


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