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1. Analysis of water-taking effect of Radial collector well in the yellow river valley

pp 1806- 1810  doi:10.6088/ijes.2013030600001  Code: EIJES31179

Author(s)- Xu Jialu et al  View Details

2. Rhizofiltration of Pb by Azolla pinnata

pp 1811- 1821  doi:10.6088/ijes.2013030600002  Code: EIJES31180

Author(s)- Thayaparan.M et al  View Details

3. Behavior of piles in palm biodiesel contaminated mining sand

pp 1822- 1830  doi:10.6088/ijes.2013030600003  Code: EIJES31181

Author(s)- Sim Yue Ling, Lee Choon Yong  View Details

4. Comparative study on limnological parameters and bioconcentrations of heavy metals in an air-breathing carnivorous teleostean fish, Gaducia sp. of the upstream and downstream regions of Damsal Nala in Sukinda valley region, Odisha

pp 1831- 1840  doi:10.6088/ijes.2013030600004  Code: EIJES31182

Author(s)- Koushik Dutta, Apurba Ratan Ghosh  View Details

5.  Code: EIJES31183 is retracted

6. Extraction, UV-visible, FTIR, NMR spectroscopic study of Acephate and effect of pH

pp 1849- 1856  doi:10.6088/ijes.2013030600006  Code: EIJES31184

Author(s)- Niraj Upadhay et al.,  View Details

7. A comparative study of the ground and surface water quality with reference to heavy metal concentrations in the Imphal valley, Manipur, India

pp 1857- 1867  doi:10.6088/ijes.2013030600007  Code: EIJES31185

Author(s)- Sanjoy Meitei L, Rakesh Kh  View Details

8. Reactor systems for the degradation of textile dyes

pp 1868- 1873  doi:10.6088/ijes.2013030600008  Code: EIJES31186

Author(s)- Padmanaban V.C et al  View Details

9. Assessment of groundwater quality in Tirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu, India

pp 1874- 1880  doi:10.6088/ijes.2013030600009  Code: EIJES31187

Author(s)- C.Gajendran et al  View Details

10. Bioremediation of tannery effluent using fresh water cyanobacterium Oscillatoria annae with coir pith

pp 1881- 1890  doi:10.6088/ijes.2013030600010  Code: EIJES31188

Author(s)- Murali Shankar. A et al  View Details

11. Linking sustainability indicators of Indian wild caught ornamental fish industry

pp 1891- 1898  doi:10.6088/ijes.2013030600011  Code: EIJES31189

Author(s)- Liya Jayalal, Ramachandran. A  View Details

12. COPD exacerbations: epidemiology and impact on patient's outcome

pp 1899- 1908  doi:10.6088/ijes.2013030600012  Code: EIJES31190

Author(s)- Mohammad Zeeshan Raza et al.,  View Details

13. Decolorization of Textile dye effluent by Marine cyanobacterium Lyngbya sp. BDU 9001 with coir pith

pp 1909- 1918  doi:10.6088/ijes.2013030600013  Code: EIJES31191

Author(s)- Henciya. S et al.,  View Details

14. Litter arthropod population in tropical dry evergreen forests of India

pp 1919- 1930  doi:10.6088/ijes.2013030600014  Code: EIJES31192

Author(s)- Arul Pragasan. L  View Details

15. Removal of Pb & Cr from their aqueous solution by using brass industry waste (Slag) as an adsorbent

pp 1931- 1937  doi:10.6088/ijes.2013030600015  Code: EIJES31193

Author(s)- Animesh Agarwal et al., View Details

16. Major ion chemistry and water quality assessment of waterbodies at Golapbag area under Barddhaman Municipality of Burdwan District, West Bengal, India

pp 1938- 1956  doi:10.6088/ijes.2013030600016  Code: EIJES31194

Author(s)- Palas Samanta et al.,   View Details

17. Soil nutrients status in prominent agro-ecosystems of East Siang district, Arunachal Pradesh

pp 1957- 1968  doi:10.6088/ijes.2013030600017  Code: EIJES31195

Author(s)- Bhuyan.S.I et al.,   View Details

18. In vitro cyanide degradation by Serretia marcescens RL2b

pp 1969- 1979 doi:10.6088/ijes.2013030600018  Code: EIJES31196

Author(s)- Virender Kumar et al.,   View Details

19. Water quality guidelines for the management of pond fish culture

pp 1980- 2009  doi:10.6088/ijes.2013030600019  Code: EIJES31197

Author(s)- Anita Bhatnagar, Pooja Devi  View Details

20. A brief review on best available technologies for reject water (brine) management in industries

pp 2010- 2018  doi:10.6088/ijes.2013030600020  Code: EIJES31198

Author(s)- Balasubramanian.P  View Details

21. Effects of Seasonal/Monthly Variation on Runoff Curve Number for Selected Watersheds of Narmada Basin

pp 2019- 2030  doi:10.6088/ijes.2013030600021  Code: EIJES31199

Author(s)- Sarita Gajbhiye et al., View Details

22. Analysis of water-taking effect of Radial Collector Well in the Yellow River Valley

pp 2031- 2035  doi:10.6088/ijes.2013030600022  Code: EIJES31200

Author(s)- Xu Jialu et al., View Details

23. Assessing the Impact of Anthropogenic Activities on Manasbal Lake in Kashmir Himalayas

pp 2036- 2047  doi:10.6088/ijes.2013030600023  Code: EIJES31201

Author(s)- Irfan Rashid et al., View Details

24. A comparative study of 8-hydroxyquinoline-5-sulphonic acid and its 7-nitro derivative loaded on F-400 granular activated carbon for removal of copper ions from aqueous solutions

pp 2048- 2067  doi:10.6088/ijes.2013030600024 Code: EIJES31202

Author(s)- Doss V.R, Kodolikar S.P., View Details

25. Composting of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) mixed with cattle manure

pp 2068- 2079  doi:10.6088/ijes.2013030600025  Code: EIJES31203

Author(s)- Sudharsan Varma V, Ajay S. Kalamdhad., View Details

26. Environmental impact assessment in Lao PDR: A comparative study on the gaps between procedures and practice with reference to Japan

pp 2080- 2113  doi:10.6088/ijes.2013030600026  Code: EIJES31204

Author(s)- Sengdeuane Wayakone et al., View Details

27. Physico-chemical status of groundwater near Varuna river in Varanasi city, India

pp 2114- 2121  doi:10.6088/ijes.2013030600027  Code: EIJES31205

Author(s)- Jyotsana Chaurasia et al., View Details

28. Water quality assessment of river Yamuna in Delhi stretch during Idol immersion

pp 2122- 2130  doi:10.6088/ijes.2013030600028  Code: EIJES31206

Author(s)- Biba Jasmine Kaur et al., View Details

29. Synthesis of parameters used to check the suitability of water for irrigation purposes

pp 2131- 2138  doi:10.6088/ijes.2013030600029  Code: EIJES31207

Author(s)- Taqveem Ali Khan, Adil Abbasi. M., View Details

30. Performances of nanofiltration and reverse osmosis membranes in desalination of M’nasra Brackish water: Comparison under running conditions

pp 2139- 2150  doi:10.6088/ijes.2013030600030  Code: EIJES31208

Author(s)- El Azhar. F et al., View Details

31. Isolation and Characterization of diazotrophic endophyte, Asaia bogorensis from Mangifera indica

pp 2151- 2160  doi:10.6088/ijes.2013030600031  Code: EIJES31209

Author(s)- Patil. N. B., View Details

32. Intensive report on total analysis of drinking water quality in Lahore

pp 2161- 2171  doi:10.6088/ijes.2013030600032 Code: EIJES31210

Author(s)- Almas Hamid et al., View Details

33. Globalization of Information Communication Technology (ICT) and consumerism in developing countries: Confronting the challenges of e-waste disposal in Harare urban, Zimbabwe

pp 2172- 2185  doi:10.6088/ijes.2013030600033  Code: EIJES31211

Author(s)- Joseline Wadzanai Chitotombe., View Details

34. Environmental effect of acid mine drainage on pond ecosystem at Asansol coalfield area, Burdwan district, West Bengal

pp 2186- 2198  doi:10.6088/ijes.2013030600034  Code: EIJES31212

Author(s)- Sabyasachi Mukhopadhyay, Ratul Mukherjee., View Details

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