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Energy use efficiency and cost analysis of tomato under greenhouse and open field production system at Nubra valley of Jammu and Kashmir

Author Information:

Naval K. Sepat1, Saroj R. Sepat1, Seema Sepat2, Avinash Kumar3

1- Senior Scientist, Defense Research and Development Organization, New Delhi
2- Scientist, Division of Agronomy, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi
3- Director, Defense Research and Development Organization, New Delhi


The aim of this study was to estimate the amount of input and output energy per unit area and to make an economic analysis of tomato production in green house and open field conditions at Nubra valley of Ladakh (J & K) in India. Data were collected from 72 open farm and 8 green house tomato growers by using face to face questionnaire during 2009-11. The energy index, energy ratio, net energy gain, energy input-output relationships were calculated for both production systems. The results showed that the total energy requirement was lower under open field (60492.21MJ ha-1) as compared to greenhouse production system (312055.90MJ ha-1). The share of direct, indirect and non-renewable energies from the total energy input in open field were 66, 34, and 66.88 percent, respectively as compared greenhouse production system 90.25, 9.75,  90 and 7  per cent, respectively. Energy use efficiency was higher in open field (2.74) as compared to greenhouse production system (1.36). The benefit: cost ratio in open field was 16.52. Based on the findings, it is concluded that open field tomato production system had higher productivity as compared to greenhouse tomato production system. Results revealed that energy inputs were higher in green house production system leads to higher energy outputs and fruit yield over open field production system. 

Keywords:Economics, Energy intensiveness, Energy productivity, Ladakh and Tomato


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