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Volume 3 Issue 5 2013- March 2013    Pages: 1322-1329  <<Previous    Next>>

Diversity and distribution of local birds beside the tropic of cancer

Author Information:

Bhattacharya. R, Roy. R, Das. R

Department of Environmental Science, University of Kalyani, Kalyani, 741235


This paper is a documentation of the distribution and diversity of fourteen local birds’ species in urban, sub-urban, agricultural and forest habitats at Krishnagar in West Bengal beside the Tropic of Cancer (23º30´N). Fixed radius (20m) point count method is used to record the bird’s population during February to April, 2011. Two species Kutum (Dendrocitta vagabunda) and Baukathakau (Oriolus xanthomus) are found only in the forest habitat. Chatare (Turdoides striata) is found dominant species in all habitats except sub-urban area whereas Salikh (Acridotheres tristis)dominates over that area. However equitability index is found highest in forest area and lowest in suburban area. Shamnon diversity index shows decreasing trend as we go from urban to agricultural habitat. Diversity shows highest value in forest area. Sparrow population is observed too low in all habitats in comparison with other bird species. The bird population has decreased in urban and suburban areas according to the opinion of the local population. But the rate of declination is not clear due to lack of documentations of the past years. However, long term monitoring of local birds is essential to get complete idea of population dynamics due to local scale processes.

Keywords:Bird population, habitat, species richness, diversity index, evenness


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