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Treatment of conditioned oily sludge from Cameroon petroleum refinery by centrifugation

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Ze Bilo'o Philemon1,2, Ngassoum Martin Benoît1

1- Laboratory of Active Substances and Pollution (LASP), National School of Agro-Industrial Sciences (ENSAI), University of Ngaoundere P.O. Box 455 Ngaoundere (Cameroon)
2- Laboratory of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Bamenda P.O. Box: 39 Bambili (Cameroon).


The large quantity of oily sludge generated by the National Petroleum Refinery of Cameroon represents a certain number of problems among which we have waste treatment and disposal. The objectives of this survey were to carry out primary tests on treatment of conditioned oily sludge by centrifugation and to identify and quantify standard Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) that can be recovered. In order to attain these objectives, centrifugation speed (a), centrifugation time (b), centrifugation temperature (c) and flocculent concentration (d) were measured. Best result of oil extraction was obtained at a centrifugation speed of 1500 rpm, a centrifugation temperature of 60°C, a centrifugation time of 30 min and flocculent concentration equal to 25 ppm. The oily sludge was conditioned with NALCO Core Shell 71303. The percentages of oil extraction show that oil is still in the emulsion phase. This situation can be due to the fact that the optimum conditions of centrifugation have not been achieved. The other reason is the adsorption of heavy hydrocarbons on solid particles present in the oily sludge.

Keywords: Oily sludge, Hydrocarbons, Centrifugation, Flocculation, PAHs.


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