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Study of physicochemical conditions of discarded diesel contaminated Locoshed pond near Burdwan locomotives of Burdwan, West Bengal

Author Information:

Subhamita Chatterjee, Munmun Chhatri, Aloke Kumar Mukherjee, Tarakeshwar Senapati, Apurba Ratan Ghosh
Department of Environmental Science, The University of Burdwan,
Burdwan, West Bengal, India


Studies on the physicochemical characteristics of the diesel fed loco-shed pond adjacent to Barddhaman (Burdwan) Railway Station of the Burdwan town were carried out in different seasons, i.e., winter, pre-summer, and summer during the year of 2009 - 2010. Sampling was done from the pre-determined four points (P1N, P2N, P3S and P4S) to evaluate the impact of oil pollution on the physicochemical status of the water body. Various physicochemical parameters were analyzed, including water temperature, water pH, water conductivity, dissolved oxygen, total alkalinity, chloride, total hardness, calcium and magnesium hardness, BOD, COD, total iron, reactive silica, ammonia, nitrogen, sodium, potassium, nitrate-nitrogen, sulfate, TDS, TSS and, oil and grease content of the water. Oil and grease content is very high in the summer season. The main inlet point of discarded diesel in this pond is P3S, where oil concentration is very high up to 6000 mg.L-1.

Key words:Physicochemical, locoshed Pond, discarded diesel and grease, Burdwan.


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