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Decolorization of red CLB dye using membrane bioreactor

Author Information:

Vinodha S, John Thomas, Robbie Varghese, Jegathambal P
School Of Civil Engineering, Karunya University, Karunya Nagar,Coimbatore - 641 114. India


Membrane bioreactors have been extensively studied for the treatment of domestic wastewater in the recent years. In this paper the application of membrane bioreactors for the textile dyeing wastewater coming from the textile industry is studied. A microfiltration membrane bioreactor using the fungus Trichoderma Viride was developed for treatment of textile dye wastewater. Basic Red CLB dye was used for the treatment using concentrations 0.01% and 0.04%. The reactor performance was very high, with the color removal efficiency ranging between 93% to 97%. Color removal was monitored for 6 days with different concentrations of the dye and fungus. The laboratory scale prototype developed utilizing cellulose nitrate membrane showed good result which will be useful for devising an excellent membrane based biological treatment system for textile wastewater.

Key words:Waste Water, Bioreactor, Membrane, dye. Decolorisation


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