International Journal of Environmental Sciences

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Nutrient dynamics in the sediments of Kerala coast

Author Information:

Manju P. Nair, Sujatha C. H
Department of Chemical Oceanography, School of Marine Sciences, Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kochi-16, Kerala, India


Kerala is one of the smallest states in India which is situated in the south west coast of the country. Sediment samples from four prominent areas of Kerala Coast were collected and analyzed for nutrients.  Variation of nutrients was highlighted according to the distributional characteristics of the designated sites. Nutrient trend in Cape, Trivandrum, Kollam was in the order as Ammonia > Nitrite >Nitrate, where as Cochin showed the trend as Ammonia > Nitrate > Nitrite. Greater concentration of ammonia in the entire sediments showed the ammonification of nitrogen compounds.

Key words: Kerala Coast, nutrient, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate.


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