International Journal of Environmental Sciences

Volume 3 Issue 6 2013- June 2013    Pages: 1849-1856  <<Previous    Next>>

Extraction, UV-visible, FTIR, NMR spectroscopic study of Acephate and effect of pH

Author Information:

Niraj Upadhay, Vijay Kumar, Virender Kumar

Department of Chemistry Lovely Professional University, Punjab, India


Acephate is a contact and systemic insecticide and acaricide, which has intensive effect on insects and mammalians. This pesticide reduces the activity of nerve system important enzyme, acetyl cholinesterase, in insects and livings. Because of this, it is used against differences of sucking and biting insects in ornamental plants, vegetables and fruits.  In this paper, acephate has been extracted from the commercial formulation, recrystalized and effect of pH checked by UV-visible spectrophotometer. Recrystalized acephate has been characterized by UV-Visible, FTIR, 1H-NMR, 31P-NMR spectroscopy and compared with software and NIST data. It was observed that at lower pH acephate exist in cationic form and as pH increased absorbance increased, due to cleaving of water molecule. FTIR and 1H-NMR data also govern the H bonding in acephate.

Keywords: Acephate, insecticide, inhibition


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