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Current status of fluoride contamination in ground water of Kheralu block of Mehasana district, Gujarat

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Punita Parikh, Rahul Parikh


The present research investigated fluoride endemic villages of Kheralu taluka of Mehsana district. The region is rich in agricultural production but is largely dependent on groundwater, both for irrigation and drinking water requirements. During the last decade, large scale exploitation of groundwater for irrigation has led to fall in groundwater table at a rate of approximately 3m/yr, though groundwater mining condition have now been there for the last two decades. As a result, residents of the region face the problems like dissolution of Fluorides and other dissolved salts in drinking water which have shown progressively increasing trend. With progressive decline of groundwater table, more electric power is required to lift the same quantity of water. The process of deterioration of groundwater quality continues unabated and progressively increasing proportion of the population is seen to the affected by fluorosis. In the present study, the ground water samples of 60 villages of the taluka were collected and were analysed for flouride concentration along with other potable parameters during winter months of the year 2012. Out of total villages surveyed, 33 villages (i.e. 55% ) are in the range of 1 - 1.5 ppm of which 16 villages( i.e. 27 %) had fluoride content below permissible limit i.e. below 1 ppm. 27 Villages (i.e. 45%) had Fluoride concentration beyond permissible limit i.e. beyond 1.5 ppm. It is envisaged that the sedimentary rock basin, semiarid climate and high loss of surface water due to extreme evaporation in the study area might have lead to fluoride enrichment in the ground water.

Keywords: Groundwater, Fluoride, Mehsana


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