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Volume 3 Issue 6 2013- June 2013    Pages: 2261-2268  <<Previous    Next>>

Growing scarcity of Mangroves: A study of Pottuvil coastal area in Sri Lanka

Author Information:

Kaleel M.I.M.- Senior Lecturer, Department of Geography, South Eastern University, Sri Lanka


Around 49 MLD of combine effluent from more than 800 texile dyeing and printing industries with domestic sewage is discharge in the Bandi river at Pali. The physico- chemical parameters Cl-, SO42- , NO3-, suspended solids, chemical oxygen demand and biological oxygen demand assessed in the combine effluent were higher than the recommended standards for discharge of industrial effluent by BIS. The overall pollution load in Bandi river in terms of chemical oxygen demand, biological oxygen demand, suspended solids and total alkalinity is 57,520 kg/ day 38,160 kg/ day, 61,950 kg/ day and 74570 kg/ day respectively. Therefore, the pollution load estimated clearly illustrates the environmental degradation in the study area to a great extent.

Keywords:  Dyeing and printing industries, Pali, pollution load, Bandi river.


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