International Journal of Environmental Sciences

Volume 4 Issue 3 2013- November 2013    Pages: 240-249  <<Previous    Next>>

Study of seasonal variations in upper lake, Bhopal with special reference to impact of monsoon season

Author Information:

Ranjana Talwar1, Avinash Bajpai2, Suman Malik3

1- Extol Faculty of Life Sciences
2- Makhanlal University Bhopal, India
3- Head of Dept. of Chemistry Sadhu Vaswani College Bhopal, India


Water is a valued natural resource for the existence of all living beings. Management of the quality of this precious resource is, therefore, of special importance. In this study water samples were collected and analyzed for physico-chemical evaluation of pollution in the Upper Lake, Bhopal. The parameters evaluated during the study were temperature, pH, alkalinity, total hardness, DO, BOD and COD. The samples were analyzed for a period of two years in the pre – monsoon and post – monsoon season. It was concluded that in the post – monsoon season most of the parameters showed a general trend of an increase in the values due to surface run-off coming into the lake water in the rainy season.

Keywords: Management, Upper Lake, Pollution, Trend, Surface run - off.


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