International Journal of Environmental Sciences

Volume 4 Issue 3 2013- November 2013    Pages: 284-295  <<Previous    Next>>

A review on spent pickling liquor

Author Information:

Anuradha Devi, Anupam Singhal, Rajiv Gupta

Civil Engineering Department, Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani – 333 031 (Rajasthan) India


Metals to be coated requires pre- treatment to remove rust or scale, impurities and inorganic contaminants. The  pickling  process  generates  a  considerable  quantity  of spent  pickle  liquor (SPL) containing the dissolved metal salts of Iron, Chromium, Copper, Nickel and Zinc  as well  as residual free  acid. The waste generated by metal pickling and electroplating industries identified as hazardous solid waste as per Indian Standards and USEPA Standards. In this paper we have discuss about the conventional treatment method of SPL, Safe disposal of sludge, utilization of sludge,  various types of acid regeneration methods and metals recovery from it .

Keywords: Pickling liquor, conventional treatment method, Solidification and Stabilization (S/S), Regeneration and Recovery methods.


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