International Journal of Environmental Sciences

Volume 4 Issue 3 2013- November 2013    Pages: 315-322  <<Previous    Next>>

Effect of Cadmium exposures on growth and biochemical parameters of
Vigna radiata seedlings

Author Information:

Mamta Hirve, Angoorbala Bafna

1- Department of Biochemistry,Govt. Holkar Science College, Indore, (M.P), INDIA


Cadmium is one of the toxic heavy metals present in soil as a result of use of insecticides, fungicides and commercial fertilizers and also present in sludge which is used for irrigation. An attempt has been made to assess the response of germinating seedling of Mung bean (Vigna radiata) under influence of Cadmium Chloride (CdCl2) with special reference to growth, morphology and biochemical aspects. In the present study the effect of different concentrations of Cadmium Chloride on the growth parameters such as, root and shoot length, fresh and dry weight and biochemical constituents such as protein and carbohydrate content of 7 days old seedlings were estimated and  compared with the parameters of untreated seedlings. The study results revealed that Cadmium adversely and significantly (p<0.05) influenced the growth parameters as well as biochemical constituents of seedling on increasing the concentration of Cadmium.

Keywords: Cadmium Chloride, growth parameters, Vigna radiate, protein content, carbohydrate content.


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