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Volume 4 Issue 3 2013- November 2013    Pages: 323-351  <<Previous    Next>>

Studies on the behaviour of reactive dyes onto the cross-linked chitosan using adsorption isotherms

Author Information:

Deepika R, Venkateshprabhu. M, Pandimdevi. M

Department of Biotechnology, School of Bioengineering, SRM University, Kattankulathur


The removal of textile reactive dyes in an aqueous media was studied by chitosan beads and cross-linked chitosan beads. The chitosan beads were formed by dissolving in 0.3N acetic acid and were cross-linked with 0.05M glutaraldehyde and 40% glyoxal. Their adsorption capacity was evaluated by the removal of acid orange-10 and direct black-22 in the textile wastewater. The effect of the parameters like biosorbent concentration, initial dye
concentration, contact time, temperature and pH were evaluated. The data for adsorption isotherm was interpreted by the Langmuir equation and Langmuir constants was determined for chitosan beads and cross- linked chitosan beads .The experimental data obtained for the adsorption equilibrium from the chitosan beads and cross-linked chitosan beads were correlated well with the Langmuir isotherm equation.

Keywords: Chitosan beads; cross-linked chitosan beads; glutaraldehyde; glyoxal; acid orange-10; direct black-22; adsorption isotherm; Langmuir Isotherm


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