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VOLUME 2, NO 4 - 2012


1. Linkages between public health and changing air quality levels in the Light of governance efficiency: A state level analysis of India

pp 1852- 1866  doi:10.6088/ijes.00202030068  Code: EIJES3173

Author(s)- Roy. Shamindra Nath  View Details

2. Analytical study of Bembala dam water for fishery capacity, potability and suitaibility for agricultural purposes

pp 1867- 1872  doi:10.6088/ijes.00202030069  Code: EIJES3174

Author(s)- Gaddamwar A.G. et al., View Details

3. Assessment of soil-atmosphere exchange of green house gases and their environmental factors in tropical dry deciduous forest and eucalyptus plantation at central Gujarat, Western India

pp 1873- 1888  doi:10.6088/ijes.00202030070  Code: EIJES3175

Author(s)- Nirmal Kumar J.I et al., View Details

4. Effect of Industrial pollutants on Physiology of Cajanus cajan (L.) – Fabaceae

pp 1889- 1894  doi:10.6088/ijes.00202030071  Code: EIJES3176

Author(s)- Meerabai.G et al., View Details

5. Phytosociological analysis of riparian tree species of Alakyam stream; Pariyaram, Kerala, India

pp 1895- 1903  doi:10.6088/ijes.00202030072  Code: EIJES3177

Author(s)- Manoj.K et al., View Details

6. Toxicity of formalin on behaviour and respiration in Danio rerio

pp 1904- 1908  doi:10.6088/ijes.00202030073  Code: EIJES3178

Author(s)- Varusai Naina Mohammed.S et al., View Details

7. Geochemistry of Sabarmati River and Kharicut Canal, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

pp 1909- 1919  doi:10.6088/ijes.00202030074  Code: EIJES3179

Author(s)- Kumar Rita.N et al., View Details

8. Assessment of Cd, Co, Cu and B in the shallow aquifers of Jia-Bharali river basin, North Brahmaputra plain, India

pp 1920- 1925  doi:10.6088/ijes.00202030075  Code: EIJES3180

Author(s)- Nayan Jyoti Khound et al., View Details

9. Biologial Treatment of Azo Dyes and Textile Industry Effluent by Newly Isolated White rot Fungi Schizophyllum commune and Lenzites eximia

pp 1926- 1935  doi:10.6088/ijes.00202030076  Code: EIJES3181

Author(s)- Selvam.K et al., View Details

10. Biogas Yield from Carbonated Soft Drink Sludge with some Organic Wastes

pp 1936- 1943  doi:10.6088/ijes.00202030077  Code: EIJES3182

Author(s)- Wankhade N. A et al., View Details

11. Back Propagation Neural Network Modeling Approach in the Anaerobic Digestion of Wastewater Treatment

pp 1944- 1951  doi:10.6088/ijes.00202030078  Code: EIJES3183

Author(s)- Rangasamy Parthiban et al., View Details

12. An extramural aero mycological investigation of dental college hospital associated environment

pp 1952- 1961  doi:10.6088/ijes.00202030079  Code: EIJES3184

Author(s)- Apurva K. Pathak View Details

13. Removal of Toxic Metal Hexavalent Chromium [CR(VI)] from Aqueous Solution using starch – stabilized Nanoscale  Zerovalent Iron as Adsorbent : Equilibrium and kinetics

pp 1962- 1975  doi:10.6088/ijes.00202030080  Code: EIJES3185

Author(s)- Selvarani. M et al., View Details

14. FTIR study of Nickel and Mercury induced biochemical changes in the muscles tissues of Lates Calcarifer

pp 1976- 1983  doi:10.6088/ijes.00202030081  Code: EIJES3186

Author(s)- Senthamilselvan.D et al., View Details

15. Studies on Variations in Physico-Chemical and Biological Characteristics at Different Maturity Stages of Municipal Solid Waste Compost

pp 1984- 1997 doi:10.6088/ijes.00202030082  Code: EIJES3187

Author(s)- Shyamala D.C et al., View Details

16. Biochemical components of the selected Macroflora associated with the Neyyar, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India

pp 1998- 2005 doi:10.6088/ijes.00202030083  Code: EIJES3188

Author(s)- Prasannakumari A.A et al., View Details

17. Isolation and characterization of cyanide degrading bacterialstrains from contaminated soil

pp 2006- 2014  doi:10.6088/ijes.00202030084  Code: EIJES3189

Author(s)- Parmar. P et al., View Details

18. Effects of chlorpyrifos on enzymes as biomarkers of toxicity in Fresh water field crab Barytelphusa guerini

pp 2015- 2023  doi:10.6088/ijes.00202030085  Code: EIJES3190

Author(s)- Madhusudan Reddy Narra et al., View Details

19. A study of physico-chemical properties and heavy metals in contaminated soils of municipal waste dumpsites at Allahabad, India

pp 2024- 2033  doi:10.6088/ijes.00202030086  Code: EIJES3191

Author(s)- Tripathi A et al., View Details

20. A  study  on  lignin  degrading  fungi  isolated  from the  litter  of evergreen  forests  of  Kodagu (D), Karnataka

pp 2034- 2039  doi:10.6088/ijes.00202030087  Code: EIJES3192

Author(s)- Geethanjali. P.A  View Details

21.Physicochemical and Bacteriological Study of Kaveri River at Kudige, Kodagu District, Karnataka

pp 2040- 2049  doi:10.6088/ijes.00202030088  Code: EIJES3193

Author(s)- Krishna et al., View Details

22. Impact of Anthropogenic Pressure on habitat utilization by the waterbirds in Gharana Wetland (RESERVE), Jammu (J&K, India)

pp 2050- 2062  doi:10.6088/ijes.00202030089  Code: EIJES3194

Author(s)- Sharma K.K et al., View Details

23. Modeling of annual flows using a conceptual model and an artificial neural network model in the N’zi-Bandama watershed (Côte d’Ivoire)

pp 2063- 2075  doi:10.6088/ijes.00202030090  Code: EIJES3195

Author(s)- Amani Michel KOUASSI et al., View Details

24. Structure and composition of Spirostachys africana woodland stands in Gonarezhou National Park, southern Zimbabwe

pp 2076- 2089  doi:10.6088/ijes.00202030091  Code: EIJES3196

Author(s)- Edson Gandiwa et al., View Details

25. Declining city-core of an Indian Primate city: A case study of Srinagar city

pp 2090- 2103  doi:10.6088/ijes.00202030092  Code: EIJES3197

Author(s)- Wani Rashid A et al., View Details

26. Environmental and ecological parameters of recent Ostracods in Cauvery River Estuary, Poombuhar, Tamil Nadu, India

pp 2104- 2109  doi:10.6088/ijes.00202030093  Code: EIJES3198

Author(s)- Elakkiya. P  View Details

27. Meandering nature of Barak River in subtropical climate of Southern Assam, Northeast India- A Geospatial analysis

pp 2110- 2119  doi:10.6088/ijes.00202030094  Code: EIJES3199

Author(s)- Pulak Das  View Details

28. A study on seasonal variations of benthic community and biodiversity indices in relation to environmental variables in disturbed ponds

pp 2120- 2125  doi:10.6088/ijes.00202030095  Code: EIJES3200

Author(s)- Kabir Ahmad Habeeba et al.,  View Details

29. Heavy Metal Adsorption by Ligand Loaded Granular Activated Carbon: Thermodynamics and Kinetics

pp 2126- 2142  doi:10.6088/ijes.00202030096  Code: EIJES3201

Author(s)- Doss V.R et al.,  View Details

30. A healthy way to handle Work place stress through Yoga, Meditation and Soothing Humor

pp 2143- 2154  doi:10.6088/ijes.00202030097  Code: EIJES3202

Author(s)- Revati C. Deshpande  View Details

31. Silicate or Calcite weathering in Wet-Dry climate in Lower Varahanadi Basin, Tamilnadu, India – A determinant in global warming

pp 2155- 2166  doi:10.6088/ijes.00202030098  Code: EIJES3203

Author(s)- Ramesh. K et al.,  View Details

32. Study on the Density of Mosquitoes in a Dry Area from Keela Arunachalapuram, Vilathikulam Taluk, Tamil Nadu, India

pp 2167- 2172  doi:10.6088/ijes.00202030099  Code: EIJES3204

Author(s)- Chandrasekar S et al.,  View Details

33. Immobilization of nanoscale zerovalent metals for the reductive removal of recalcitrant pollutants

pp 2173- 2183  doi:10.6088/ijes.00202030100  Code: EIJES3205

Author(s)- Vyjayanthi J.P  View Details

34. Hydrochemical Assessment of Vaigai River water in India

pp 2184- 2190  doi:10.6088/ijes.00202030101  Code: EIJES3206

Author(s)- Vanitha. G et al.,  View Details

35. Climate Change Impact and Adaptation opportunities on Agricultural production in communities around Itu bridge-head in Itu LGA,  Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

pp 2191- 2202  doi:10.6088/ijes.00202030102  Code: EIJES3207

Author(s)- Ekpo F. E et al.,  View Details


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