International Journal of Environmental Sciences

Volume 2 Issue 3 2012           Pages:1733- 1741

Studies on different concentration of Lead (Pb) and Cadmium (Cd) on growth and accumulation in different parts of Tulsi (Ocimum tenuifolium) L

Author Information:

Dwivedi Minakshi - Department of Dravyagunam Faculty of Ayurveda, IMS, BHU.

Singh. A.K - Department of Medicinal Chemistry, IMS, BHU

Mishra, P.K - Department of Soil Sciences & Agricultural chemistry, Institute of Agricultural Sciences, BHU

Singh, S.K - Centre for Experimental and surgical Medicine, IMS, BHU


Present investigation on studies of growth character and its accumulation in different parts of Tulsi under various concentration of some heavy metals (Lead and Cadmium), done at Department of Dravyagunna, Faculty of Ayurveda, Institute of Medical science during the year of 2007.The graded levels of these two metals Cd (0, 20, 50, 100 and 200 ppm) and Pb (0, 50, 100, 250, and 500 ppm) applied after the germination of Tulsi. The plant exhibited a decline in growth, chlorophyll content and carotenoids with increasing levels of Pb and Cd., more accumulation of Pb and Cd was observed in roots than shoots in O. tenuifolium L.

Keywords : Cd, Pb, heavy metal toxicity and   O.tenuifolium.

DOI: 10.6088/ijes.00202030056

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