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Volume 3 Issue 1 2012- July 2012        Pages: 312- 321           <<Previous    Next>>

Nutrient status and plant growth promoting potential of prepared vermicompost

Author Information:

Bhat M.R1, Limaye S.R2
1- Department of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics, D.Y.Patil University,CBD Belapr,Pin code 400614, Navi Mumbai,MS,India

2- Department of Microbiology, R.K.T College, Ulhasnagar,MS,India


Earthworms are considered as the friends of farmers. Vermicompost obtained with the help of them has many benefits to soil, plants and in all to the environment. In the present study the nutrient status and microbiological enumeration of vermicompost was studied. The vermicompost was prepared from kitchen waste material obtained from the canteen of R.K.T. College, Ulhasnagar, Dist. Thane, MS, India. Vermicompost was prepared using Eisenia fetida. Compost and plain soil were kept as controls throughout the study. The physicochemical parameters like pH, organic carbon, nitrogen, available phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and chloride content were analyzed at regular intervals, over a period of 48 days. On the 48th day the pH of the vermicompost was found to be 7, with organic carbon-10.30%, nitrogen 0.85 %, P-0.15%, Ca-1.96%, Mg-0.80% and Cl2-0.30 mg/ml. The moisture content of the vermicompost was 78.05%, with a water holding capacity of 79%. The efficacy of the prepared vermicompost was studied on the three flowering plants sp. Mirabilis jalapa,Calendula officinalis, Clitoria ternatea over a period of 75 days by sowing the seeds of the plants in the pots. Germination time, flowering capacity, chlorophyll content and dimensions of the leaves were the parameters studied. Significant differences were observed in the plants grown in the vermicompost as compared to the plants grown in soil and compost without the vermicompost.       

Keywords: Eisenia fetida, vermicompost, kitchen waste, compost, plant growth.

DOI: 10.6088/ijes.2012030131030

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