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Volume 3 Issue 2 2012- September 2012    Pages: 767-775  <<Previous    Next>>

Estimation of ambient air quality status in Kalinga Nagar industrial complex in the district of Jajpur of Odisha

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Panda B.K, Panda C.R
Environment & Sustainability, CSIR-Institute of Minerals & Materials Technology,

The present study aims at assessing the ambient air quality status of Kalinga Nagar Industrial Complex (KNIC), an emerging steel hub in the district of Jajpur, Odisha. Data collected for a period ranging from April 2010 to November 2011 have been computed to find out  Air Quality Index (AQI) on a five rating scale in quantifying air pollution in the study area based on measuring parameters such as Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM), Respirable Suspended Particulate Matter (RSPM), Sulphur dioxide (SO2) and Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx). Pollutants concentrations were used to determine AQI which ranged between 28.68 and 166.25. This study also identifies the potential sources of pollutants and degree of air pollution. Further, management strategies to minimize the effect of pollutants have also been suggested.

Keywords: AQI, KNIC, Air Pollution, SPM, RSPM, SO2, NOx


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