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Volume 3 Issue 2 2012- September 2012    Pages: 784-794 <<Previous    Next>>

Performance of coir geotextiles as attached media in biofilters for nutrient removal

Author Information:

Gopan Mukkulath, Santosh .G.Thampi
Department of Civil Engineering, National Institute of Technology,
Calicut – 673601, Kerala, India

Biofilters are often used for denitrification, nitrification and carbon removal. Its main advantages are compactness and high capacity for removal of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus. Further, they are well integrated into the environment, there is no need for secondary clarification except for certain aerobic applications, there is no need for liquid circulation for nitrogen removal, and energy consumption along with sludge production are minimum. Extensive studies have shown the utility of biofilters for efficient on-site disposal of wastewater.In this pilot plant study coir geotextile media was used as attachment media for the biofilters for low volume organic rich industrial wastewater. The geotextiles were able to decompose carbonaceous as well as nutrient compounds. In this study, the performance of biofilters employing coir geotextiles as the medium is investigated with specific reference to the removal of nutrients from wastewaters rich in organic matter. Both unwoven and woven types of coir geotextiles are used as the media. The filters were operated for six different cycles with various types of wastewaters. The results obtained show a significant nitrate removal rate and phosphate removal rate.

Keywords: Nutrient removal, Biofilters, Coir Geotextiles


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