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Characterization of automobile workshop effluent and study of its effects on germination and growth of Cicer arietinum and Vigna radiata

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Home Chowdhury Pratiti, Sinha Nibedita, Singh Kshama, Krishna Vijai
Centre for Environmental Science and Technology,
Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India

The effects of automobile handling and washing plants effluent over the germination and growth of Cicer arietinum (chickpea) and Vigna radiata (moong) was assessed by range finding test. The different doses of effluent (0%, 1%, 10%, 50% and 100%) had been applied to the pusa-362 variety of chickpea and k-851 variety of moong both on the time of germination and growth. Germination and growth both was good in contaminated water, in case of chickpea it was in 1% and for moong it was in 100% using parameters such as seed weight, radicle length, plumule length, in case of germination and sapling’s shoot length, and dry mass etc in case of growth. It had been noticed that moong was more resistant in this effluent than chickpea. So the area where small automobile handling and washing plants and agriculture go side by side, the effluents can be used as an alternative of chemical fertilizer and the leguminous plants like experimental species can be used in phytoremediation of the contaminated soil.

Keywords: Automobile effluent, Cicer arietinum, Vigna radiata, germination, growth, phytoremediation.


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