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Volume 3 Issue 2 2012- September 2012    Pages: 821-832 <<Previous    Next>>

Study of indole acetic acid and antioxidant defense system of wheat grown under sewage water

Author Information:

Chandra Shekhar Kumar1, Alka Singh2, Sagar. R.K1, Negi. M.P.S3, Maurya.J.N1
1- Cell and Molecular Biology Lab, Department of Plant Science, M.J.P. Rohilkhand University, Bareilly- 243006 (U.P.), India.
2- Department of Botany, Bareilly College, Bareilly- 243006 (U.P.), India.
3- Institute for Data Computing and Training, Lucknow- 226021 (U.P.), India

Effect of 10 and 20 ppm of indole acetic acid (IAA) with 50 and 100% concentrations of sewage water (SW) collected from Sanjay Nagar channel of Bareilly city, U.P. India on wheat cultivars (PBW 343) was investigated in soil. There were seven treatments including control, each with three replicates. Uptake of heavy metals such as Pb, Zn, Cu and Fe by wheat grains was determined at physiological maturity. Levels of enzymatic (SOD, CAT & GR), non-enzymatic (Carotenoid & Proline) activities and heavy metals were significantly (p<0.01 or p<0.001) higher in 100% as compared to 50% SW treatments. However,  significant  (p<0.001)  increase  in SOD, CAT, GR, Carotenoid and Proline  was  observed  in  wheat  plant irrigated with SW+20 ppm IAA followed by SW+10 ppm IAA and SW as compared to control. Further, uptake of Pb by wheat grains found to decrease significantly (p<0.05) in 20 ppm as compared to 10 ppm IAA with SW. Uptake of Zn, Cu and Fe was also found to decrease significantly (p<0.01 or p<0.001) in SW with IAA as compared to uptake by wheat grains irrigated with SW only.

Keywords: Sewage water, Heavy metals, Antioxidants, IAA.


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