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Volume 3 Issue 2 2012- September 2012    Pages: 881-884 <<Previous    Next>>

Assessment of water quality at the three Stations of Chambal River

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Smita Jain- Senior Lecturer, Department of Statistics, JECRC Engineering College Jaipur


Water is one of the valuable natural resources and the quality of water is of vital concern for the mankind since it is directly link with human welfare. Growing population, Industrial proliferation, Urbanization, Increasing living standards, and wide sphere of human activities exert heavy pressure on our vast but limited water resources. Since water pollution of a growing city is always in the rising trend, its effect on the environment must be studied thoroughly and regularly. Considering the above factors an attempt has been made to assess the water quality of Chambal River through three parameters of water. To compare the effect of three pollutants D.O, B.O.D and pH on three different stations of Chambal River in Rajasthan, we use 32 Factorial Design. Here we are having two factors, stations and pollutants each at three levels.This study reveals that the Pollution level of Chambal River has not changed from 1997 to 2010 and the difference between the three pollutants is highly significant.For three stations the difference is not significant and for three pollutants the difference is significant.  The interaction effect is also not significant.  This indicates that the pollution level is not different at different stations due to the three pollutants and interaction effect is also not present.

Keywords: Factorial Design, pollutants, stations, pH, B.O.D, dissolved oxygen.


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