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Ground level enhancement occurred during the SPE period on 28 October 2003: A case study

Author Information:

Sharma. A.K, Nade. D.P, Pawar. R.P, Vhatkar. R.S, Nikte. S.S, Ghodpage. R.N,
Patil. P.T, Rokade. M.V

Space and Earth Science Laboratory, Department of Physics,Shivaji University Kolhapur, India


We focus on the Ground Level Enhancement (GLE) over Mid-latitude region, where ground based measurements showed large enhancements in NOX constituents, and associated ozone reductions, due to the solar proton events (SPEs). Solar eruptions in early 2003 led to a substantial storm of charged particles on the Earth's atmosphere during the 25 October - 03 November, 2003 period. Proton fluxes were greatly increased during these several days and led to the production of NOX (N, NO, NO2), which then caused the destruction of ozone. We have taken data of surface ozone (O3) and NOX for sites, Payerne (46.82°N, 6.95°E) and Rigi (46.07°N, 8.45°E), Switzerland during the period of 23rd solar cycle (1996 to 2008) from the World Data Center for Greenhouse Gases (WDCGG). In present work we discuss the six major solar proton events of 23rd solar cycle. A statistical analysis shows that nearly same correlation between solar protons and surface NOX and inverse correlation between NOX and surface ozone (90.79 % and 80.22 %) over two stations. After major solar proton events the concentration of NOX enhanced and concentration of surface ozone decreased. The highest level of NOX was found after one day (on an average day) from the date of enhancement. This suggests that the solar protons take more time to reach the troposphere over mid-latitude regions and influence concentration of the surface ozone.

Keywords: solar proton events, solar cycle, surface ozone concentration, odd nitrogen.


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