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A study on biodiversity of soil fungi of Bhadrachalam forest, Khammam district, Andhra Pradesh, India

Author Information:

Jagadish Kumar. M1, Vasudeva Rao. M2

1-Department of Civil Engineering, YSR Engineering College of YVU, Proddatur, AP

2-Department of Microbiology, S.S.R.J Degree College, Khammam, AP, India


The biodiversity of soil fungi have been studied at Bhadrachalam forest which is located in Khammam district, Andhra Pradesh state, India. The Bhadrachalam forest study area lies on left bank of river Godavari in Bhadrachalam revenue division. The area is located between east 80021’ - 81009’ longitudes and 17036’ - 18038’ North latitudes. The total geographic area of the division is 1, 96,800 Ha with 1, 44,603 Ha under forests. For the present study, soil samples were collected from North zone of Bhadrachalam forest on 5th of every month starting with March-2009 to Febrauary-2010.The collections were made by taking composite samples up to a depth of 10cm after scrapping off 3cm of surface soil with a sterile trowel. The samples were systematically analyzed for physico-chemical parameters such as seasonal variation, moisture content, pH, soil temperature, soil organic carbon content which affects fungal population. The soil exhibit dynamic nature with everlasting interaction between abiotic and biotic factors. Fungi is an important component of the terrestrial ecosystem as it plays an vital role on recycling of organic wastes, nature conservation,agriculture.The present work has been initiated to determine the effect of the key abiotic factors on soil fungi. It is observed that soil fungus of the study area is affected due to abiotic factors and it should be properly mitigated to continue the natural benefits of the soil fungi and its role in sustaining fertility to the forest ecosystem. As a part of present study an attempt has been made to study the ecology and dynamics of soil fungi associated with Bhadrachalam forest.

Keywords: Forest ecosystem, Physico-chemical parameters, Soil fungi, Bhadrachalam forest, Khammam District, A.P


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