Instructions to authors regarding formatting the article


Instructions to prepare article matching our guidelines

According to our journal editorial policy authors should submit their article again to the concerned mail id mentioned in acceptance mail for initiating the publishing process, we do not process articles that are not submitted to this id. We are thriving hard to publish the articles as quickly as possible but because of some issue like non-confirmity of article author guidelines, non submission of article to proper mail id etc makes the process tedious and we are unable to support quicker processing, hence we are soliciting authors kind co-operation in this regard. Authors are informed to read the author guidelines clearly, download few articles from the concerned journal and check how the article is formatted and then proceed in submitting the article.

To complete the process of publishing the selected articles we request you to follow and complete the following

1) Please find attached template of our journals and download respective template of the journal in which your article is accepted for publication, the template is a representative file which will guide you in preparing the article for final submission

2) Please send some time in reading the instructions clearly and  fit your article in this template exactly following the author guidelines without any deviation.

Please note the following while doing the same

a) Focus on the alignment, font size, font type used in this template and fix exactly, also give figure names as Figure 1 and not as fig, give name to all tables in order like Table 1, Table 2 etc.
b) We face problems with some of the images pasted which is not coming properly in pdf, so focus on the way the images were pasted, do not paste any image inside a text box, the figure name should not be given in the image itself, it should be given below image as text.
c) Do not give page numbers, do not edit, headers of footers, just save this template and fix your content in this properly.
d) Many authors are not focusing on our author guidelines for references, please follow the reference method exactly as per our author guidelines, if you are unable to check please download some of the articles published and repeat the same in your article.
e) Article citation should be given as (author name, year) ex. ( Brussels, 2003) or ( Brussels and Campbridge, 2010), ( Brussels et al, 2010) and not as [12] or [1-3] in the article, please cite all the references in the article clearly and carefully. The quality of a research article directly depends on the citation and references incorporated in the article.
f) All tables should be given with 12 font size and the tables should not exceed 5-6 columns, if the table is too long split it into smaller tables, all tables should in portrait format only and not in landscape form. Do not draw the table using draw elements just use Insert table option of MS Word for tables.
g) Do not use section break, page break or any other break anywhere in the article which will be a hindrance while we are editing.
h) Do not use a table with more than 5-6 columns, if its there kindly reduce it to two or three smaller tables and provide them in necessary position.
i) Do not give the tables and figures in the last kindly paste them wherever necessary in the article.
j) Please give more attention to reference section since for a research article we feel that strong references are required.Also provide full journal name in the reference list rather than abbreviations.


Plagiarism is an academic offense and we strongly oppose publishing plagiarized articles in any of our journals. No plagiarism should be found in the article, if found article will be summarily be rejected by the technical editor, please check your article line by line and if you feel that you had copied, or adopted content from other article remove them/ rewrite and also quote/ cite the original author. The same should be given in the reference also, reference section should cover all referred content used in the article. We use ithenticate via crosscheck for checking plagiarism hence authors are insisted to prepare a final submission file without plagiarised content.

Conflict of interest

We strongly follow publishing ethics and we are not allowing articles which receives conflict of interest, hence authors are informed to get prior permission from all concerned parties involved in the work before submitting the final copy of the article. If any article receives conflict of interest it will be immediately removed from the publication and the author will be sole responsible for further issues. We request our authors to follow publishing ethics so that the research fraternity will get the benefit of the work done.


Once the article and the requested forms are received with the copyright transfer agreement the article will be send for a short quality check and then will be forwarded to copy editor. If the article requires much of copy editing the author will be informed about the same, if the article is ready for publishing we will inform the author by sending the galley proof. Articles which do not require Galley proof completion will be directly published and the author will be given two days to correct the corrections required.

The article will be processed on the following ways, if the author is new author submitting his first article top preference will be given to him, if the author had submitted an article already his article will be considered only in next available Volume/ Issue as decided by editorial board. Some of the articles will be put on hold be the concerned editor due to several issued and the same will informed to the authors for rectification of any errors. Please note that the concerned article will not be processed if its submitted without the necessary forms hence please be kind enough to submit all the necessary forms.

Templates of our journals

Please download the respective template of the journal in which your article is accepted for publication and paste your article in the templates following author guidelines strictly.



Once the article is submitted kindly provide us enough time to process, we will not be able to reply frequent mails and normal processing time varies between 30 days to 45 days in any case.

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