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VOLUME 1, NO 3 - 2010


1. Studies on Concrete containing E plastic waste

Author(s)- Lakshmi.R, Nagan.S pp 270 - 281 Code : EIJES1026

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2.Soil Contamination in Nuclear Reactor Surrounding Areas in Savar, Bangladesh using Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis Method

Author(s)- Shahabuddin, pp 282 - 295 Code : EIJES1027

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3. Preparation of Carbonaceous Heavy Metal Adsorbent from Shorea Robusta Leaf Litter Using Phosphoric Acid Impregnation

Author(s)- Surya Narayan Dash, Ramachandra Murthy.Ch.V

pp 296 - 313 Code : EIJES1028

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4. Docking studies on abscisic acid receptor pyrabactin receptor 1 (pyr1) and pyrabactin like receptor1 (pyl1)

Author(s)- Ashokan.K.V pp 314 - 322 Code : EIJES1029

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5. Effect of non linear sorption on solute transport in a coupled
sinusoidal fracture-matrix system

Author(s)- Natarajan.N, Suresh Kumar.G pp 323 - 333 Code : EIJES1030

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6. Physico chemical properties of water collected from Dhamra estuary

Author(s)- Muduli Bipra Prasanna, Panda Chitta Ranjan

pp 334 - 342 Code : EIJES1031

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7. Ambient Air Quality Status in Choudwar Area of Cuttack District

Author(s)- Pradeepta K. Bhuyan, Pradyusa Samantray, Swoyam P Rout

pp 343 - 356 Code : EIJES1032

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8. Stochastic Production Frontier Analysis of Water Supply Utility of Urban Cities in the State of Madhya Pradesh, India

Author(s)- Amit Vishwakarma , Mukul Kulshrestha

pp 357 - 367 Code : EIJES1033

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9. Removal of high organics containing wastewater in a shaft-type activated sludge hybrid reactor

Author(s)- Debabrata Mazumder pp 368 - 382 Code : EIJES1034

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10. Bridging the Gaps:  An E-waste management and recycling assessment of material recycling facilities in Selangor and Penang

Author(s)- John Babington C, Chamhuri Siwar, Ahmad Fariz  M, Rawshan Ara B

pp 383 - 391 Code : EIJES1035

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11. Hydropower opportunities in the water industry

Author(s)- Theophilus Gaius-obaseki pp 392 - 402 Code : EIJES1036

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12. Color Enhancement studies on Etroplus Maculatus using Astaxanthin and B-Carotene

Author(s)- Manimegalai et al., pp 403 - 418 Code : EIJES1037

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