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VOLUME 1, NO 4 - 2010


1. A comparative study on energy and water use indicators for soybean production under different irrigation systems in Iran

Author(s)- Mousavi-Avval SH, Rafiee S, Jafari A pp 419- 428 Code : EIJES2001

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2. Geomorphic Controls of Arsenic in Ground Water in Purbasthali I & II Blocks of Burdwan District, West Bengal, India

Author(s)- Biplab Biswas pp 429 - 439 Code : EIJES2002

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3. Development of Decision Support System for Municipal Solid Waste Management in India: A Review

Author(s)- Ohri.A, Singh.P.K pp 440 - 453 Code : EIJES2003

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4. Seasonal Levels of Essential Metals in Fresh and Fried Marine Shrimp and Fishes from Lagos Lagoon, Nigeria 

Author(s)- Badejo A., Adeyemo, O.K., Ojo, S.O. pp 454 - 461 Code : EIJES2004

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5. Bioinformatic approach: Cu, Zn superoxide dismutase of Dinoccus radiodurans

Author(s)- Ashokan. K. V, Koshti.V.V pp 462 - 474 Code : EIJES2005

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6. Role of Soil Physical Properties in Ecological Succession of Restored Mine Land – A Case Study

Author(s)- Shikha Uniyal Gairola, Prafulla Soni pp 475 - 480 Code : EIJES2006

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7. Morphometric Analysis – A Tool to Identify the Different Variants in a Fish Species E.Maculatus

Author(s)- Manimegalai M et al., pp 481 - 497 Code : EIJES2007

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8. Isolation, Screening and In Vitro Mutational Assessment of Indigenous Soil Bacteria for Enhanced Capability in Petroleum Degradation

Author(s)- Naveenkumar.S et al., pp 498 - 513 Code : EIJES2008

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9. Impact of industrial development on surface water resources in Angul region of Orissa

Author(s)- Rizwan Reza, Gurdeep Singh pp 514 - 522 Code : EIJES2009

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10. Wetland Macrophytes as toxic metal accumulators

Author(s)- Ghosh.S pp 523 - 528 Code : EIJES2010

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11. Implications of physical parameters and trace elements in surface water off Pondicherry, Bay of Bengal, South East Coast of India

Author(s)- Solai A, Suresh Gandhi M, Sriram E pp 529 - 542 Code : EIJES2011

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12. Detecting and understanding drivers of natural and eco-environmental vulnerability due to hydro geophysical parameters, ecosystem and land use change through multispectral satellite data sets in Apodi estuarine, Northeast Brazil

Author(s)- Mukesh Singh Boori, Venerando Eustáquio Amaro

pp 543 - 557 Code : EIJES2012

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13. A report on Fluoride distribution in drinking Water

Author(s)- Veeraputhiran.V, Alagumuthu.G pp 558 - 566 Code : EIJES2013

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14. Study on Proteolytic Treatment of Textile Fabric Softness and Smoothening using Halophilic Bacterial Biopolymers

Author(s)- Ganesan.S, Manoharan.N, Naveenkumar.S, Velsamy.G, Manivannan.S.P

pp 567 - 579 Code : EIJES2014

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15. Study on some morphological and physical Characteristics of sweet lemon used in mass models

Author(s)- Amin Taheri-Garavand, Amin nassiri pp 580 - 590 Code : EIJES2015

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16. Municipal Solid Waste Management in Indian Cities- A review

Author(s)- Bundela P.S. et al., pp 591 - 606 Code : EIJES2016

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17. Evaluation of bioremediation effectiveness on sediments Contaminated with industrial wastes

Author(s)- Aparna.C et al., pp 607 - 620 Code : EIJES2017

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18. Groundwater quality assessment based on entropy weighted osculating value method

Author(s)- LI Peiyue, WU Jianhua, QIAN Hui pp 621 - 630 Code : EIJES2018

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19. Anaerobic treatment of sugar industry wastewater by Upflow anaerobic sludge blanket Reactor at ambient temperature

Author(s)- Hampannavar, U.S, Shivayogimath C.B pp 631 - 639 Code : EIJES2019

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20. Impact of moisture level in atmosphere on Biomass Gasification: A   Bioenergy for Sustainable Development

Author(s)- Pankaj Mishra, Prafull Singh, Prashant Baredar

pp 640 - 644 Code : EIJES2020

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21. Municipal Solid Waste Stabilisation by Leachate Recirculation: A Case study of Ambala City 

Author(s)- Chadetrik Rout, Arabinda Sharma pp 645 - 655 Code : EIJES2021

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22. Optimization of the medium for the production of cellulase by the Trichoderma viride using submerged fermentation

Author(s)- Gautam S.P, pp 656 - 665 Code : EIJES2022

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23. Experimental studies on effect of Heavy Metals presence in Industrial Wastewater on Biological Treatment

Author(s)- Majid Sa’idi pp 666 - 676 Code : EIJES2023

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24. A study on the Bulk density and its effect on the growth of selected grasses in coal mine overburden dumps, Jharkhand, India

Author(s)- Arvind Kumar Rai, Biswajit Paul, Gurdeep Singh

pp 677 - 684 Code : EIJES2024

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25. Effects of Eutrophication on benthic life within the littoral zone of freshwater lakes

Author(s)- Tessitore, U.S pp 685 - 696 Code : EIJES2025

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