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VOLUME 1, NO 7 - 2011 : Page No:2


35. Groundwater quality and its suitability to agriculture – GIS based case study of Chhatna block, Bankura district, West Bengal, India

Author(s)- Nag.S.K, Poulomi Ghosh pp 1770- 1784 Code : EIJES2123

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36. Assessment of noise levels in the ambient air quality of a Chromite Mining complex - A case study

Author(s)- Kerketta S, Gartia R, Bagh S pp 1785- 1796 Code : EIJES2124

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37. Aerobic treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater in a biological reactor

Author(s)- Mohammad Zakir Hossain Khan, pp 1797- 1805 Code : EIJES2125

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38. Evaluation of Spatial variability of soil quality in Wildlife Refugee of Karkhe in southwestern Iran

Author(s)- Shaieste Gholami, pp 1806- 1812 Code : EIJES2126

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39.Analysis of earthworm’s patchy distribution and variability of soil biochemical properties under single - tree influences

Author(s)- Kooch. Y, pp 1813- 1829 Code : EIJES2127

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40. Synthesis of monodispersed silver nanoparticles by Rhizopus Stolonifer and its antibacterial activity against MDR strains of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa from burnt patients

Author(s)- Afreen, Rathod V, Ranganath E pp 1830- 1840 Code : EIJES2128

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41. Assessment of water quality in Trichy City, Tamil Nadu, India

Author(s)- Muthukumar S, pp 1841- 1855 Code : EIJES2129

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42. Heavy metal resistance Bacterium isolated from Krishna-Godavari basin, Bay of Bengal

Author(s)- Gunaseelan. C, Ruban P pp 1856- 1864 Code : EIJES2130

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43. Improvement of economic Phytoremediation with heavy metal tolerant Rhizosphere Bacteria

Author(s)- Venkatesan. S, pp 1864- 1873 Code : EIJES2131

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44. Determination of soil erodibility factor using fuzzy rule base system

Author(s)- Mahdi pazhouhesh, pp 1874- 1883 Code : EIJES2132

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45. Strategies for Management of Metal Contaminated Soil

Author(s)-Rajesh Dhankhar, Rachna Guriyan pp 1884- 1898 Code : EIJES2133

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46. Variation in the concentration of ground level ozone at selected sites in Delhi

Author(s)- Saxena Pallavi, Ghosh Chirashree pp 1899- 1911 Code : EIJES2134

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47. The evaluation of Morphmetric characteristics of Upper Subarnarekha Watershed drainage basin using Geoinformatics as a tool, Ranchi, Jharkhand

Author(s)- Rasool.Q.A, pp 1924- 1930 Code : EIJES2136

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48. Assessment of Organochlorine pesticide in water and sediment samples collected from El-Rahawy drain, Egypt

Author(s)- El Bouraie M, pp 1931- 1943 Code : EIJES2137

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49. Charcoal production in Gushegu District, Northern Region, Ghana: Lessons for sustainable forest management

Author(s)- Benjamin Tetteh Anang, pp 1944- 1953 Code : EIJES2138

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50. Environmental noise assessment and its effect on human health in an urban area

Author(s)-Srimanta Gupta, Chitralekha Ghatak pp 1954- 1964 Code : EIJES2139

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51. Removal of Zinc [Zn2+] Ions with Crab Shell Particles from Aqueous Solutions

Author(s)- Senthil Kumar. R, Parthiban, R pp 1965- 1977 Code : EIJES2140

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52. Spatial Information Technology as a tool for soil erosion assessment
using USLE - A study in the Shendurney Wild Life Sanctuary, South Kerala, India

Author(s)- Smitha Asok. V, Sobha V pp 1978- 2003 Code : EIJES2141

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53. Variation in Benthic population in two basins of Bhoj Wetland, Bhopal

Author(s)- Wanganeo Ashwani, pp 2004- 2017 Code : EIJES2142

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54. Influence of physiographic factors on vegetative and morphological characters of Beech plus trees - A case study in Hyrcanian forest

Author(s)- Zoghi.Z, pp 2004- 2017 Code : EIJES2143

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55. Sedimentological characteristics of Perumal lake Cuddalore District, Tamilnadu, South India

Author(s)- Vijayakumar.V, pp 2018- 2027 Code : EIJES2144

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56. Environmental health aspects of coal ash phytoremediation by selected crops

Author(s)- Jerzy Bilski, pp 2028- 2036 Code : EIJES2145

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57. Biosorption of Lead with Turbinaria Conoides and Neuro Fuzzy Modelling

Author(s)- Parthiban R, pp 2037- 2047 Code : EIJES2146

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58. The Impact of Seafood Consumption on Endangered Marine Species on Hong Kong

Author(s)-Thomas Ng pp 2048- 2085 Code : EIJES2147

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59. Graft copolymerization of Chitosan with acrylic acid used in waste water treatment

Author(s)- Shanmugapriya. A, pp 2086- 2095 Code : EIJES2148

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