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International Journal of Environmental Sciences is quarterly peer reviewed, online, open access environmental journal published by Integrated Publishing Association which covers all aspects of environmental research. It is one of the fastest growing environmental journal which covers the environmental research widely and read by International community of researchers and students across the globe. IJES is the flagship journal of IPA journals which receives high quality research articles and patronised highly by research fraternity. Presently the journal is receiving articles at a rate of atleast 4 times the publishig capacity and the rejection ratio is kept at 55% until December 2014.

The objectives of the International Journal of Environmental Sciences is

  • To report on the latest research achievements and developments
  • To strengthen academic exchanges between researchers and academia
  • To contribute to the progress in environmental sciences
  • To provide high quality online platform for publishing original research works

International Journal of Environmental Science provides a multidisciplinary online forum for authoritative discussion and analysis of issues of wide interest to the international community of environmental professionals. IJES is an online open access environmental sciences journal devoted to publish original, peer-reviewed research papers on all aspects of environmental sciences which includes, but not limited to, the following

  • environmental chemistry
  • environmental sciences
  • environmental engineering
  • environmental biology
  • ecology
  • geosciences and environmental physics
  • environmental management
  • environmental technologies
  • environmental pollution
  • biogeochemistry
  • legal aspects related to environment
  • Other environmental related research works

Submission of articles

Authors are invited to submit their research articles, review papers properly formatted as per the author guidelines to mentioning the name of the journal or through the submission form. Authors are requested to go through our author guidelines and also to download few of our articles, read them fully before preparing a submission so that the article matches our format. IJES is a member of COPE and we expecpt high quality research articles that are free from plagiarism and any unethical publication mode, we presently use itheticate (Crosscheck)/ Plagscan to detect plagiarism.

Frequency of publication

IJES is published as a bi-monthly journal ( from June 2012) with six issues per year in the following periods as June-July, August-September, October-November, December-January, February-March, April-May in any year. Special editions are also planned subjected to the scope and need. Currently IJES is also publishing peer reviewed papers of International level conferences conducted by various research and academic institutions . We adopt online first method which means the selected articles will be uploaded immediately once it is approved by the reviewers and also the editorial board.

Article processing

All submitted articles will be initially subjected to editorial procedures, if found suitable for publishing will be sent to reviewers for peer review, we adopt double blind peer review system. Authors are also invited to suggest at least three potential reviewers who can review their article. It is not mandatory for the editor to send the articles only to the reviewer referred by authors, it is at discretion of the editor to send articles to any reviewer of his/ her choice. Once the review process is over and the article is accepted authors will be intimated over mail with the galley proof which the author is insisted to reply within 5 days of time, after which the article will be sent for publishing.

Digtial Object identifier ( Doi® )

Each article published will be issued with a doi which offers more features in enabling and finding the citation to the article and from the article. Our journal doi is 10.6088/ijes. and starting from the first issue itself articles were issued with doi and all articles were submitted to Crosscheck. We are also participating in citation back bone linking which enable our authors to trace the citation of their published article.

Copyright and open access policy

We are adopting open access publishing policy in which all articles submitted to IJES will be published under Creative Commons Attribution Licence (3.0) . Copyright of the pubished articles will be with the concerned authors as per the license, authors will be requested to grant first publishing rights to IJES. Under this license authors published article can be posted in their personal or their institutions website, can be emailed to their friends and colleagues, also may be printed, freely distributed, archived in any collection, included in a course material, quoted in publications, translated and distributed, provided that the original work is cited. For full details about the Creative Commons License click here and to view our open access policy click here.

Abstracting and indexing

All IPA journals are widely indexed in major databases, we assure the listing of our journals in most popular and most respected databases. Presently we are listed in more than 40 databases and we are present in many University libraries. We had also signed strategic content sharing agreement with many country databases so that articles published through our journals are available to the international research fraternity.

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