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VOLUME 2, NO 4 - 2012


1. Land use planning of southern part of Sonbhadra District, U.P., using Remote Sensing Techniques

Author(s)- Narayan Chopra pp 924- 938 Code : EIJGGS3079

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2. Application of statistical and Hydrochemical methods to the analysis of the groundwater in the Guiglo-Duekoué area (Western area of Ivory Coast)

Author(s)- Kouassi Amani Michel et al., pp 939- 952 Code : EIJGGS3080

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3. Vegetation and Land Cover Mapping of Nagarjunasagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve, Andhra Pradesh, India using Remote Sensing and GIS

Author(s)- Sudeesh S, Sudhakar Reddy C pp 953- 963 Code : EIJGGS3081

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4. Land use and Land cover change detection in and around Singrauli Coalfield. A Remote Sensing and GIS based approach

Author(s)- Anil N.C et al., pp 964- 975 Code : EIJGGS3082

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5. Spatial distribution of rainfall in Salem and Namakkal districts

Author(s)- Jegankumar.R et al., pp 976- 994 Code : EIJGGS3083

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6. Analysis of drainage morphometry and watershed prioritization in Bandu Watershed, Purulia, West Bengal through Remote Sensing and GIS technology - A case study

Author(s)- Ajoy Das et al., pp 995- 1013 Code : EIJGGS3084

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7. Land Use /Land Cover classification of an urban area- A case study of Burdwan Municipality, India

Author(s)- Srimanta Gupta et al., pp 1014- 1026 Code : EIJGGS3085

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8. Population calibrated land cover impervious surface coefficients for Upper Bhima basin

Author(s)- Anargha A. Dhorde et al., pp 1027- 1047 Code : EIJGGS3086

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9. Sustainable rural development with the application of Spatial Information Technology and Mahatma Gandhi national rural employment guaranteed scheme

Author(s)- Richard Scaria et al., pp 1048- 1061 Code : EIJGGS3087

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10. Urban growth trend analysis using Shannon Entropy approach – A case study in North-East India

Author(s)- Jyotishman Deka et al., pp 1062- 1068 Code : EIJGGS3088

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11. Spatial mapping for land use /land cover assessment using resourcesat-2 data in the parts of Cuddalore district, east coast of Tamil Nadu, India

Author(s)- Kumaravel. S et al., pp 1069- 1077 Code : EIJGGS3089

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12. Morphometric analysis and hydrogeomorphology for delineating groundwater potential zones of Western Doon Valley, Uttarakhand, India

Author(s)- A.S. Jasrotia et al., pp 1078- 1096 Code : EIJGGS3090

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