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VOLUME 3, NO 2 - 2012


1. Landuse / Landcover change study of Jharkhali Island Sundarbans, West Bengal using Remote Sensing and GIS

Author(s)- Kaberi Samanta, Sugata Hazra pp 299- 306 Code : EIJGGS3125

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2. Active volcanoes guided Tsunamigenic earthquakes from Andaman – Indonesia regions – A tectonic model

Author(s)- Manimaran. G et al pp 307- 313 Code : EIJGGS3126

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3. Prioritisation of miniwatersheds based on Morphometric analysis using GIS

Author(s)- Sridhar. P et al pp 314- 320 Code : EIJGGS3127

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4. GIS based mapping and environmental impact of Wetlands changes in a Riverine district of Bangladesh

Author(s)- Siddiki et al pp 321- 338 Code : EIJGGS3128

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5. Investigation of lineaments in Tehran province on the basis of remote sensing techniques

Author(s)- Golmehr Ehsan pp 339- 350 Code : EIJGGS3129

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6. Morphometric analysis and associated land use study of a part of the Dwarkeswar watershed

Author(s)- Subodh Chandra Pal, Gopal Chandra Debnath pp 351- 363 Code : EIJGGS3130

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7. Linear aspects of Naina-Gorma river basin Morphometry, Rewa district, Madhya Pradesh, India

Author(s)- Vimla Singh, Alok Dubey pp 364- 372 Code : EIJGGS3131

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8. Morphometric analysis of Maun watershed in Tehri-Garhwal district of Uttarakhand using GIS

Author(s)- Santosh M. Pingale et al pp 373- 387 Code : EIJGGS3132

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