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VOLUME 3, NO 3 - 2013


1. Understanding urban sprawl dynamics of Gulbarga - Tier II city in Karnataka through spatio-temporal data and spatial metrics

Author(s)- Ramachandra T.V, Bharath H. Aithal pp 388- 404 Code : EIJGGS3133

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2. Role of Remote Sensing and GIS in artificial recharge of the ground water aquifer in Ottapidaram taluk, Tuticorin district, South India

Author(s)- Murugiah M, Venkatraman P pp 405- 415 Code : EIJGGS3134

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3. Assessment and mapping of water quality index in Prakasam district, A.P. using geographical information systems

Author(s)- Ch. Maruthi Devi, Kiran Yarrkula,  Usha Madhuri T pp 416- 424 Code : EIJGGS3135

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4. Change detection analysis of the shoreline using Toposheet and Satellite Image: A case study of the coastal stretch of Mandarmani-Shankarpur, West Bengal, India

Author(s)-Santra Mitra S, Santra A, Mitra D pp 425- 437 Code : EIJGGS3136

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5. The spectral response characteristics of the soils and their possible estimation by using partial   least square regression (PLSR) analysis

Author(s)-Zelikman. E, Carmina. E pp 438- 453 Code : EIJGGS3137

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6. Trends analysis of river bank erosion at Chandpur, Bangladesh: A remote sensing and GIS approach

Author(s)- Biswajit Nath, Sultana, Naznin, Paul, Alak pp 454- 463 Code : EIJGGS3138

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7. Morphometric analysis using Geographic Information System (GIS) for sustainable development of hydropower projects in the lower Satluj river catchment in Himachal Pradesh, India

Author(s)- Nishant Vaidya, Jagdish Chandra Kuniyal, Rohit Chauhan pp 464- 473 Code : EIJGGS3139

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8. A small discussion on microwave application for groundwater exploration: A review

Author(s)- Singh A.N, Anupam Singhal, Rajiv Gupta pp 474- 485 Code : EIJGGS3140

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9. Identification of urban sprawl dynamics in a rapid growing city using GIS

Author(s)- Srimanta Gupta et al pp 486- 499 Code : EIJGGS3141

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10. Visual change detection study of some of the urban areas of Assam, India using Remote Sensing

Author(s)- Shukla Acharjee et al pp 500- 510 Code : EIJGGS3142

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11. Monitoring meteorological and agricultural drought dynamics in Barind region Bangladesh using standard precipitation index and Markov chain model

Author(s)- Jahangir Alam A.T.M et al pp 511- 524 Code : EIJGGS3143

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12. Tank rehabilitation index for prioritization of lakes in semi arid regions - Geospatial approach

Author(s)- Nagarajan R pp 525- 537 Code : EIJGGS3144

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13. Land Use/Cover change and its implications for Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh, India

Author(s)- Chandel Vishwa B.S et al pp 538- 551 Code : EIJGGS3145

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14. Land use and cover change assessment using Remote Sensing and GIS: Dohuk City, Kurdistan, Iraq (1998-2011)

Author(s)- Jambally Mohammed pp 552- 569 Code : EIJGGS3146

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15. Environmental monitoring of estuaries: Estimating and mapping various environmental indicators in Matla estuarine complex, using Landsat TM digital data

Author(s)-  Ray R, Mandal S, Dhara A pp 570- 581 Code : EIJGGS3147

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16. A geospatial approach for assessing and modeling spatial accessibility of the primary health centers in the tribal talukas of the Vadodara district

Author(s)-  Bindu Bhatt, Janak P Joshi pp 582- 591 Code : EIJGGS3148

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17. Error reduction in GPS datum conversion using Kalman filter in diverse scenarios

Author(s)-  Swapna Raghunath et al pp 592- 604 Code : EIJGGS3149

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18. Prioritization of sub-basins of Ghataprabha River using morphometric parameters

Author(s)-  Rajat Kumar Panda, Nagarajan R pp 605- 617 Code : EIJGGS3150

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19. Application of Remote Sensing (RS) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in flood vulnerability mapping: Case study of River Kaduna

Author(s)- Muhammad Isma’il, Iyortim Opeluwa Saanyol pp 618- 627 Code : EIJGGS3151 View: Abstract    Full Text

20. Microwave radiometric estimation of excess electrical path - an overview

Author(s)-  Karmakar P.K et al pp 628- 644 Code : EIJGGS3152

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21. Digital image processing and geospatial analysis of landsat 7 ETM+ for mineral exploration, Abidiya area, North Sudan

Author(s)-  Sami O. El Khidir, Ibrahim A. A. Babikir pp 645- 658 Code : EIJGGS3153

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22. One decade hydro meteorological data assessment through statistics, Dindigul district, Tamil Nadu, South India

Author(s)-  Venkat Raman A.T.V.R et al pp 659- 667 Code : EIJGGS3154

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23. Climatic balance on coastal ecosystems in Gulf of Mannar: Geoclimatic techniques

Author(s)-  Muthukrishnan A et al pp 668- 691 Code : EIJGGS3155

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