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VOLUME 4, NO 2 - 2013 - November 2013


1. Studies on textural characteristics of Erra Kalva River, West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh, East coast of India

Author(s)- Karuna Karudu.T pp 280- 295 Code : EIJGGS4025

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2. Detection of land use and land cover change with Remote Sensing and GIS: A case study of Punjab Siwaliks

Author(s)- Gursewak Singh Brar pp 296- 304 Code : EIJGGS4026

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3. Application of hyperspectral data for Development of spectral library of mangrove species in the Sunderban Delta

Author(s)- Somdatta Chakravortty pp 305- 312 Code : EIJGGS4027

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4. Suitability analysis for tourist infrastructures utilizing multi-criteria GIS: A case study in Al-Hada city, Saudi Arabia

Author(s)- Gomaa M. Dawod pp 313- 324 Code : EIJGGS4028

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5. Rapid urban growth in the city of Duhok, Iraqi Kurdistan Region:An integrated approach of GIS, Remote Sensing and Shannon Entropy application

Author(s)- Jambally Mohammed pp 325- 341 Code : EIJGGS4029

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6. Monitoring volume fluctuations of Indian reservoirs from space

Author(s)- Ashish Sharma et al pp 342- 355 Code : EIJGGS4030

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7. Morphometric and Terrain analysis of Payaswani River Basin of Kerala and Karnataka States using GIS

Author(s)- Sukumar B, Ahalya Sukumar pp 356- 365 Code : EIJGGS4031

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8. Landslide susceptibility zonation in Kukalthurai Halla watershed, Moyar sub-basin in Nilgiris mountains, South india  using Remote Sensing and GIS

Author(s)- Gomathi R, Ram Mohan V, Backiaraj S pp 366- 378 Code : EIJGGS4032

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9. Evaluation of landuse / landcover dynamics of chilika catchment

Author(s)- Adikanda Ojha et al pp 388- 396 Code : EIJGGS4033

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10. Assessment and prediction of impact and effectiveness of watershed management practices on land use land cover in Seoni watershed, Madhya Pradesh using remote sensing and GIS

Author(s)- Dharmendra Singh et al pp 397- 409 Code : EIJGGS4034

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11. Cutting of hills and human tragedy: An example of law enforcement loophole in the southeastern region of Bangladesh

Author(s)- Md. Mahbub Murshed pp 410- 416 Code : EIJGGS4035

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12. Determination of an optimal interpolation technique to represent the spatial distribution of groundwater quality at urban and peri-urban areas of Proddatur, Y.S.R district, Andhra Pradesh, India

Author(s)- Jagadish Kumar. M et al pp 417- 426 Code : EIJGGS4036

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13. Quantifying the dynamic changes of landuse and landcover in Neil Island, Andaman and Nicobar, India

Author(s)- Saravanan et al pp 427- 434 Code : EIJGGS4037

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