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VOLUME 4, NO 3 - 2014 - February 2014


1. Comparison of Multi-criteria evaluation (AHP and WLC approaches) for land capability assessment of urban development in GIS

Author(s)- Bamshad Shenavr et al pp 435- 446 Code : EIJGGS4038

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2. Detection of possible causes of earthquakes in central Sudan: An integrated GIS approach

Author(s)- Khalid A. Elsayed Zeinelabdein et alpp 447- 455 Code : EIJGGS4039

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3. Evaluating groundwater pollution using statistical analysis of hydrochemical data: A case study from southeastern part of Pune    metropolitan city (India)

Author(s)- Wagh G.S et al pp 456- 476 Code : EIJGGS4040

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4. Study of coal fire dynamics of Jharia coalfield using satellite data

Author(s)- Mishra. R.K et al pp 477- 484 Code : EIJGGS4041

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5. Identification of groundwater recharge potential zones for a watershed using remote sensing and GIS

Author(s)- Shivaji Govind Patil et al pp 485- 498 Code : EIJGGS4042

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6. Natural resource mapping using hybrid classification approach: Case study of Cooch Behar District, West Bengal

Author(s)- Aditi Sarkar et al pp 499- 507 Code : EIJGGS4043

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7. Analysis of surface runoff from Yerala River Basin using SCS-CN and GIS

Author(s)- Abhijit M. Zende et al pp 508- 516 Code : EIJGGS4044

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8. Change detection analysis using multi temporal satellite data of Poba reserve forest, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh

Author(s)- Maya Kumari et al pp 517- 525 Code : EIJGGS4045

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9. Quantitative evaluation of distribution and accessibility of urban green spaces (Case study: City of Jeddah)

Author(s)- Ragab Khalil pp 526- 535 Code : EIJGGS4046

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10. Land use/cover dynamics using multi-temporal satellite imagery- A case study of Haldwani town area, district Nainital, Uttarakhand, India

Author(s)- Rawat J.S et al pp 536- 543 Code : EIJGGS4047

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11. Ukhimath landslide 2012 at Uttarakhand, India: Causes and consequences

Author(s)- Islam, M.A et al pp 544- 557 Code : EIJGGS4048

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12. Geobotanical and geomorphological approach to map the surface lithology using remote sensor data

Author(s)- Tanzeer Hasan pp 558- 572 Code : EIJGGS4049

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13. Recent repeated occurrences of Gas bubbles Streaming Water Jets along Achankovil shear zone of south India and their seismotectonic significance

Author(s)- Manimaran G, Sugan M pp 573- 578 Code : EIJGGS4050

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14. Study on Effect of Crumb Rubber on Behavior of Soil

Author(s)- Shiva Prasad.A et. al., pp 579- 584 Code : EIJGGS4051

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