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VOLUME 4, NO 4 - 2014 - May 2014


1. Determining the Suitability and Accuracy of Various Statistical Algorithms for Satellite Data Classification

Author(s)- Khalid Omar Murtaza and Shakil A. Romshoo pp 585- 599 Code : EIJGGS4052

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2. Land use/land cover change detection: a case study of Usilampatti Block, Madurai District, Tamil Nadu

Author(s)- Pradeep. C et. al., pp 600- 608 Code : EIJGGS4053

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3. Assessment of spatio-temporal variations in land use land cover over pimipri chinch wad Municipal corporation using Remote sensing data

Author(s)- Rina B. Fernandez, Anargha A. Dhorde pp 609- 618 Code : EIJGGS4054

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4. Forest cover change in ho municipality of the Volta region, Ghana

Author(s)- Selase Kofi Adanu et. al., pp 619- 629 Code : EIJGGS4055

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5. Hydrothermal stress and damage risk in the stones of the castle of Chambord-France

Author(s)- Saad Al-Omari et. al., pp 630- 644 Code : EIJGGS4056

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6. Use of GIS in optimal spatial network of hydrological data in Betwa river catchment

Author(s)- Ritu Ahlawat pp 645- 660 Code : EIJGGS4057

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7. Morphometric analysis of Kharlikani watershed in Odisha, India using spatial information technology

Author(s)- Kishor Choudhari et. al., pp 661- 671 Code : EIJGGS4058

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8. This article is retracted Author(s)- pp 672- 679 Code : EIJGGS4059

9. Depth-diameter ratios of lunar craters from chandrayaan-1 TMC images and DEM and its significance

Author(s)- Mohammad Aasim, I.M Bahuguna pp 680- 788 Code : EIJGGS4060

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