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VOLUME 5, NO 3 - 2015 - February 2015


1. Flood prediction of the Black Volta in a climate change scenario

Author(s)- Yaw Danquah Twumasi et al pp 362- 374 Code : EIJGGS5031

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2. Effect of Corncob ash on the geotechnical properties of Lateritic soil stabilized with Portland cement

Author(s)- Akinwumi I.I. and Aidomojie O.I pp 375- 392 Code : EIJGGS5032

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3. Identification of ground water potential zones using GIS and Remote Sensing Techniques: A case study of Mysore taluk -Karnataka

Author(s)- Ramu, Mahalingam B, Vinay M pp 393- 403 Code : EIJGGS5033

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4. Development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems for Terrain Mapping and Geospatial Data Management

Author(s)- Balaji Sethuramasamyraja et al pp 404- 415 Code : EIJGGS5034

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5. Land-use and land-cover change detection in Pipestem Creek watershed, North Dakota

Author(s)- Buddhika Madurapperuma et al pp 416- 426 Code : EIJGGS5035

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6. Laser scanning-based detection of morphological changes of a historical building occurred during a seismic sequence: Method and Case study

Author(s)- Arianna Pesci et al pp 427- 447 Code : EIJGGS5036

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7. Hydrogeochemistry of groundwater in Chandanpur area of Odisha, India

Author(s)- Avijit Das et al pp 448- 458 Code : EIJGGS5037

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8. A neural-evidence pooling approach to predict urban sprawl using multi-temporal remote sensing data

Author(s)- Menaka Chellasamy et al pp 459- 473 Code : EIJGGS5038

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9. Landuse/Landcover Mapping of Dhansiri (South) River Basin, Assam using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques

Author(s)- Plabita Barman, Dulal C.Goswami pp 474- 481 Code : EIJGGS5039

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10. Morphometric characterization of Gayung and Sipu sub-basins of the Subansiri River of the Eastern Himalayas

Author(s)- Sangita Devi and Dulal C Goswami pp 482- 491 Code : EIJGGS5040

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11. An assessment of ground water quality of post and pre monsoon in Dharapuram taluk, Tiruppur district 2006 – 12: A GIS based approach

Author(s)- Mahamad S et al pp 482- 491 Code : EIJGGS5041

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12. Urban expansion and loss of Agriculture land - A case of Bengaluru city

Author(s)-  Kavitha A et al pp 492- 498 Code : EIJGGS5042

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