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VOLUME 6, NO 1 - 2015 - August 2015


1. Assessment of the proposed impact of post-office closure in Leicestershire (UK) using GIS-based network analysis

Author(s)-  Sa’ad Ibrahim, Dauda M. Lawal pp 1- 10 Code : EIJGGS6001

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2. Evaluation of stereoscopic measurement accuracy for airborne large format digital camera

Author(s)-  Sreedhar M et al pp 11- 19 Code : EIJGGS6002

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3. Spatial data analysis on the cloud

Author(s)- Sana Zakir Hussain, Sujala Deepak Shetty pp 20- 23 Code : EIJGGS6003

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4. A synergistic approach towards sustainable land resources development in the catchment of Upper Tunga project, Karnataka-using remote sensing and GIS techniques

Author(s)- Jayakumar P. D et al pp 24- 34 Code : EIJGGS6004

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5. Sustainable watershed development of the Bandu village (India) watershed using advance geospatial techniques: A case study documenting the importance of Remote Sensing and GIS in developing nations

Author(s)- Abhay Prakash et al pp 35- 44 Code : EIJGGS6005

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6. Spatial Analysis of Sea Level Rise in Egypt's Northern Coast and Its Influence on the Geodetic Vertical Datum

Author(s)- Hoda F. Mohamed pp 45- 55 Code : EIJGGS6006

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7. Use of Geo spatial tools in catchment treatment planning – A case study of Hidishing irrigation project, Odisha, India

Author(s)- Mishra P, Panda G. K pp 56- 67 Code : EIJGGS6007

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8. An assessment of the nature of urban growth and development in Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria

Author(s)- Robert Etim Ekpenyong pp 68- 80 Code : EIJGGS6008

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9. Vertical accuracy assessment of SRTM3 V2.1 and aster GDEM V2 using GPS control points for surveying & geo-informatics applications- Case study of Rivers State, Nigeria

Author(s)- Menegbo E. M, Doosu P pp 81- 89 Code : EIJGGS6009

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10. Cropping Pattern of Koraiyar Watershed, Coimbatore District, Tamil Nadu

Author(s)- Masilamani. P pp 81- 89 Code : EIJGGS6010

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