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VOLUME 6, NO 2 - 2015 - November 2015

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1. A study on crop combination regions in Palakkad district, Kerala

Author(s)- Premakumar K, et al pp 1430- 1441 Code : EIJGGS6011

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2. An Analysis of Land use / Land cover in Kadalundi River Basin using Remote Sensing and GIS

Author(s)- Yasodharan Suresh and Bindu K.B pp 1442- 1449 Code : EIJGGS6012

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3. Physico- Chemical Characteristics of inorganic constituent in Alluvium of Gomti basin and its health effects- A case study from Lucknow and Unnao district, Uttar Pradesh

Author(s)- Srivastava A et al pp 1450- 1463 Code : EIJGGS6013

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4. Vertical Datum Unification in the Philippines from Analysis of Tide Stations  

Author(s)- Maria Cecilia Rubio-Paringit, Enrico C. Paringit

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5. Geostatistical evaluation of groundwater quality distribution of Tonk district, Rajasthan

Author(s)- Pradeep Kumar Sharma et al pp 1474- 1485 Code : EIJGGS6015

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6. Diachronic analysis of the steppe land cover of the department of Sidi Bel-Abbes using the remote sensing (Western Algeria)

Author(s)- Ayache .A et al pp 1486- 1497 Code : EIJGGS6016

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7. Simulation and modeling of debris flows using satellite derived data: A case study from Kedarnath Area

Author(s)- Shovan Lal Chattoraj, P.K. Champati ray pp 1498- 1511

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8. Mathematical analysis of Solani Watershed, North India

Author(s)- Subhanil Guha pp 1512- 1529 Code : EIJGGS6018

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9. Estimation of vertical forest structure and above ground biomass using ICESat/GLAS data

Author(s)- Padma Alekhya V.V.L et al pp 1530- 1538 Code : EIJGGS6019

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10. Hydrogeological mapping and estimation of potential evapotranspiration and recharge rate of Quaternary sand aquifers in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania

Author(s)- Ibrahimu Chikira Mjemah, Kristine Walraevens pp 1539- 1555

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11. Assessment of river encroachment and land- use patterns in Dhaka city and its peripheral rivers using GIS techniques

Author(s)- Md. Ashraful Islam Chowdhury et al pp 1556- 1567

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12. Land use land cover change and human – Environment interaction: the case of Lahaul valley

Author(s)- Simrit Kahlon pp 1568- 1577 Code : EIJGGS6022

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13. Snow Avalanche as Disaster in Mountain Environment: A Case of Himachal Pradesh

Author(s)- Vishwa B.S.Chandel pp 1578- 1584 Code : EIJGGS6023

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14. Identification and delineation of threshold lower Yamuna River basin in
 Uttar Pradesh

Author(s)- Swati Jain, M. Ashraf pp 1585- 1596 Code : EIJGGS6024

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15. Evaluation of low cost, high sensitivity GNSS receivers based on the ISO RTK standards

Author(s)- Sioulis A, Tsakiri M, Stathas D pp 1597- 1606 Code : EIJGGS6025

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16. Estimating growing stock volume in a Bangladesh forest site using Landsat TM and field-measured data

Author(s)- Mohammad Redowan et al pp 1607- 1619 Code : EIJGGS6026

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17. A Fuzzy approach to modelling land cover changes in north-eastern Nigeria

Author(s)- Abdullahi Ahmed Kuta Alexis J. Comber pp 1620- 1637 Code : EIJGGS6027

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