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VOLUME 6, NO 3 - 2015 - February 2016


1. Real time drought monitoring using Remote Sensing approaches A Case Study :Western desert of Kharga and Dakhla Regions

Author(s)- Hala M. Ebaid pp 1638- 1652 Code : EIJGGS6028

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2. GIS-based mapping of flood vulnerability and risk in the Bénin Niger River valley

Author(s)- Idelbert Dagbégnon Behanzin et al pp 1653- 1668 Code : EIJGGS6029

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3. Geological, Geomorphological and Lineament mapping through Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques, in parts of Madurai, Ramanathapuram and Tiruchirappalli districts of Tamil Nadu

Author(s)- Sivakumar V. pp 1669- 1675 Code : EIJGGS6030

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4. Spatio-temporal landuse/landcover (LULC) change analysis of Kolong River basin, Assam, India using Geospatial technologies

Author(s)- Minakshi Bora, Dulal C Goswami pp 1676- 1684 Code : EIJGGS6031

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5. Hypsometric analysis of the Tuirini Drainage basin: A Geographic Information System approach

Author(s)- Fuzal Ahmed and K. Srinivasa Rao pp 1685- 1695 Code : EIJGGS6032

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6. Estimation of fishery sector as a Coastal Resource Zone to explore the associate problems and opportunity at Balasore Coastal District, Odisha, India

Author(s)- Nilay Kanti Barman et al pp 1696- 1707 Code : EIJGGS6033

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7. “Hows” of quality for remote sensing data user- A house of quality approach

Author(s)- Yogdeep Desai et al pp 1708- 1721 Code : EIJGGS6034

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8. GIS based suitability analysis for coffee farming in Kenya

Author(s)- Frankline Rono, Charles C. Mundia pp 1722- 1733 Code : EIJGGS6035

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