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VOLUME 6, NO 4 - 2016 - May 2016


1. Solid waste disposal site selection by data analysis using GIS and Remote sensing tools: A case study in Thiruvananthapuram corporation area

Author(s)- Asha Poorna C, Vinod P.G pp 1734- 1747 Code : EIJGGS6036

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2. Flood vulnerability mapping using geospatial technique for controlling flood along River Yobe Basin in Nigeria

Author(s)- Fusami A. A, Aleem K. F pp 1748- 1758 Code : EIJGGS6037

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3. Multi-temporal satellite image and GIS based assessment of urban Landuse changes in Vellore city, Tamilnadu

Author(s)- Jhimli Ghosh, P. Porchelvan pp 1759- 1768 Code : EIJGGS6038

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4. Demographic characteristics and changing land use pattern in Gangtok , Sikkim (1975-2011)

Author(s)- Kalosona Paul et al pp 1769- 1781 Code : EIJGGS6039

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5. A Remote Sensing and GIS based evaluation of groundwater prospects of Karanja river basin, Bidar district, Karnataka, India

Author(s)- Manjunatha S, Manjunath Dalwai, Raju Sukhaye pp 1782- 1795

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